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preventing LGBTQ youth suicides one rhyme at a time
I Am Enough is a theatrical show that takes suicide head on - exploring and exposing the pain of those who struggle with suicide. The show has been endorsed by child psychologists, GSA Advisors and by LGBTQ youth.  It is designed to open up the conversation about suicide with LGBTQ youth in an effort to help end suicide attempts for LGBTQ youth.

Every single day in the US, 2 to 5 LGBTQ youth commit suicide.  That's around 1000 youth per year.  This is unacceptable.  I am passionately dedicated to helping to lower these numbers to zero.

Hi. I'm Pandora Scooter. I'm a spoken word artist, which means I write and perform exciting, electric poetry for my audiences.  I founded a company called standUP & standOUT productions, dedicated to providing inspiring, life-changing, and entertaining programming for LGBTQ youth.  I've been dedicated to the LGBTQ youth community/audience for 10 years now and this is my second solo show written specifically for them.

The show is called I AM ENOUGH and it is about suicide prevention and self-confidence building.  It follows the story of Pan and her struggles with rejection from family and friends for being different and being gay.  After a few suicide attempts, and the help of a fabulous counselor, Pan gets clear that she wants to live, thrive and that she is enough.

I AM ENOUGH opens the door for conversations about this very sensitive and critical topic.  It provides permission to talk about suicidal ideation and by talking about it, we can lessen the number of youth who attempt suicide.  

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