Welcome to this site, Homo(sapien)!

(welcome) استقبل      歓迎する (welcome), 平穏 (peace)      Aman (peace)

 Paz (peace)      Sholem aleykham (hello, peace be with you)      Amana (peace)

This site is by Pandora Scooter, spoken-word Rock Star. 

It's dedicated to everyone who needs a little more compassion in their lives. 

Maybe you'll find some of it here...


February 25, 2014 --- Re-dedicating my site and career to LGBTQA Youth (13-22 yo) from everywhere.  If you believe in solidarity and working together for a safer, more accepting and loving world, then we're on the same page.  I'm writing a new show right now about suicide prevention and self-confidence building.  If you want to know more about it, follow me on FB or on Twitter.  I have a bunch of gigs coming up for High Schools and Colleges and I'm so looking forward to them.  Reach out to me and other LGBTQA youth on my biz FB Group standUP & standOUT.  Hope to meet you and hear from you.  Thanks for being you..  You are Enough - Pandora

January 1, 2013 --- Welcome to the launch of my new site.  Same as the old one with a couple more bells and whistles and a new brighter look for a brighter outlook on the world.  I'm in the beginning stages of writing my new show Fags & Jesus Freaks, which is about the need for Inclusivity in all our lives.  Out of the Box, the open  mic for all types of performers turned 10 this past November and we're still going strong.  I'm going to be launching a new performance series for Women performers this Winter at The Pride Center of New Jersey!  That's super exciting.  Thanks for dropping on by the site.  I'll keep things up to date here.  Power to the peaceful and Love to All... Pandora