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How to Radically Self Love


Last week I wrote about the need for radical self love.  Today I write about HOW to achieve radical self-love.  

A Time for Radical Self-Love


In the wake of Orlando, we need to come together -- each of us -- while also bringing our own radical self-love to the table.


To Grieve Perchance to Heal


A poem to honor those who were mercilessly and senselessly killed in Orlando this past weekend.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton represents so much more than major political gaffs and dirty fighting.  She represents feminism in the 21st Century.  Yes, you may not like it, but Clinton is what it looks like.

Pride starring Robin!


Went to Asbury Park Pride and had a great time.  The highlight?  Meeting the woman who drove the Pride Center's float! 

Boundaries: Do You Have Them?


Lots of talk about boundaries lately.  How strong are your boundaries?  Do you even have them?  

Good Hair


How a hair styling experiment turned into a deeply psychological journey.

10:00 PM My Response to You



This bathroom war is making me crazy.  Here are my thoughts! 

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