Pandora Scooter



A great show of support for a dear friend transitioning soon.



Lots of folks say that trust is the most important element in a relationship, I think it's respect.

Loyd Williamson


A tribute to one of the greatest artists I have had the honor to study under, Loyd Williamson.

I Don't Know


"I don't know" are three of the bravest words in the English language.  Here's why... 



Consent matters.  Like as in it's everything.  Without consent, everything stops.

This Blog Is Late

The Sex Party


Wanna know what's beautiful about one of the East Coast's most successful women's sex party?  Read on, my friend...

Soft Vengeance


I'm trying to work through some deep-seated anger/rage I have toward the man who assaulted me and I was just introduced to the concept of soft vengeance.  So, I thought I'd write something out about it.

Quentin Tarantino - Auteur or Amateur?


A look at Quentin Tarantino and his work.  And why he's not so hot.

Mental Health Update #3

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