Pandora Scooter

A Personalized Poem

- unique gift, great for special occasions, expressive, impressive

Order a personalized poem for yourself or someone you love.  Poems are written based on the answers you give to a short questionnaire.  Poems are 100% unique to you or your loved one.  A great present for a graduation, anniversary, birthday, bon voyage party or anything else special in your life.  Delivery by email. Delivery within 3 weeks of return of questionnaire.  Rush orders accepted for surcharge.

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Journal w Inscription

- 5" x 7" lined, thick pages

Love to journal - write out your thoughts and get them clear in your mind?  Write poetry or rap or lyrics or spoken word?  This is a unique journal with the I Am Enough logo to remind you while you're processing through all those great and challenging thoughts, that you. are. enough.. Special craft design with windows through the cover to read the haiku from my poem "epic - dyke - me."  


Price - Up to You

Intros, Outros & In-between: Pandora Scooter Live!

- 2-CD set

Live tracks from Baltimore, MD to New York City and all in between.  Great banter, intros to pieces and outros - stories galore.  28 tracks.  2008.

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Carpe Dyke (Seize the Dyke) CD

- Debut Album - 16 tracks

not just for lesbians who speak latin. Powerful, honest, and political spoken/sung word from an in-the-moment artist whose cd is for anyone who is awake, asking questions and looking for some fun...

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OUTwordlyFabulous CD

- CD Companion to the Stage Show of the Same Title

A recording of many of the pieces from Pandora Scooter's spoken word solo show called OUTwordlyFabulous.  The show is about stopping bullying and homophobia.  Particularly appropriate for high school and college aged people. 20 tracks. 2011

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I AM ENOUGH shirt - Black New Design

- In Black, Available Sizes S, L, XL

Let someone know that they are enough!  A new look for the I AM ENOUGH shirt.  And in Black!  Oooh La La!
















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I Am Enough Tee

- Blue or Gray - Very Soft

You are enough.  Here's the back (or you can get it with the OUTwordlyFabulous logo on the back):

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I Am Enough sticker

- 1" by 7" - sticker

Put it on your notebook, mirror, wheels, guitar case, anywhere to remind you and everyone around you that You Are Enough!

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I am Enough Bracelets

- Purple on Orange or Purple & Black Extra Thick Bracelet

There's two types available, orange with purple raised print and a purple and black bracelet with silver type reading "I am ENOUGH" 'WE ARE ENOUGH" on the outside and "YOU ARE ENOUGH" on the inside.


Download Card of Tracks from I AM ENOUGH

- 4 Tracks from the Show

This dropcard is the key to four of the central pieces from the show I AM ENOUGH.  Buy the card to get your personal code and download the tracks onto your iPod, Phone, Tablet, etc.  Includes the tracks: Betty Spencer (the counsellor), Sue's Side, Like Myself and Er. 


A to Z Tee

- S to 2XL, Red, Green Tees and Black Tank

GLBT?  How 'bout "A to Z?"  We run the gamut.  So, we should include everyone in "the community."  The back of the tee lists all the different parts of our community listed from in A to Z. (Or you can get a tee with the OUTwordlyFabulous logo on the back.)

back of tee














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Sz? S-2XL Red/Grn Tee/Blk Tank

I Love Straight People, too Sticker

- 1" x 7" White on Black

Human sticker

- 1" x 7" White on Black

Power to the Peaceful and Love to All sticker

- 1" x 7" Orange on Purple

Carpe Queer stickers

- 1" x 7" White on Black

Tagline reads: Seize your identity and Never Let it Go! 


Living Out sticker

- 1" x 7" Purple on Black