I AM ENOUGH follows the story of Pan who struggles with rejection from her parents and friends, for being gay and for being different.  After attempting suicide, Pan finds herself in a hospital where, with the help of an awesome counselor and her own inner strength, she realizes she wants to live, thrive and that she is enough.

After the show there is a 10-15 minute talk back to discuss the issues brought up by the play.

The show is inspired by the thousands of LGBTQ youth (ages 10-24) who kill themselves every year. Between 2-5 LGBTQ youth commit suicide every. single. day.  Something must be done. I AM ENOUGH aims to help bring that number down to zero.  We must open up the conversation.

Endorsements for Pandora & I AM ENOUGH

“Pandora Scooter’s ‘I AM ENOUGH’ is an empowering and artistic means of engaging communities with the issue of LGBTQ youth suicide. It is necessary that we talk about suicide if we are serious about preventing it. It is necessary to give LGBTQ youth a safe space to share feelings about the very real challenges of being queer youth. Pandora candidly addresses issues that resonate with queer youth. She creates a space to identify with the struggle and the feelings, and the process of healing, inviting the audience to laugh with her and to cry with her, and to recognize we ARE enough.”

– Sarah Bahnson

Suicide Prevention Specialist

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

"It was my pleasure to discover Pandora this Saturday at the New Jersey GSA State Convention.  Her work was amazing and the audience reception she received was overwhelming."

-Mark Segal, Publisher of The Philadelphia Gay News

"Pandora Scooter offers a provocative, entertaining and powerful tool to help teens talk about difficult issues such as sexual orientation, gender identity and suicidal thoughts. She has an ability to talk in ways that adolescents can relate to, particularly LGBTQ youth who are struggling with a sense of self and may be having difficulty seeking help.  Teachers and youth leaders will find her show, “I Am Enough”  to be helpful in opening up communication with youth."

- Dr. Barbara Menzel, child psychologist


"I am ENOUGH!" is a powerful piece full of both laughter and hard-hitting truth. While telling her own story, Pandora Scooter opens up the doors for others to share in their own struggles, and creates a space for all to realize that they are enough--whether fat, thin, gay, straight, Asian, white, or anything outside or in between.”

 Austin, a GSA member


“Pandora Scooter’s performance in “I am ENOUGH!” tunes you in to the internal scripts playing in your head and challenges you to change your language from negative to positive. She encourages you that it’s never too late to improve who you are and your place in this world. Her messages of positive image, self-esteem, and taking control of your life are message of hope that everyone should hear.”

- Megan Procaccini, GSA Advisor, Ocean County College

"Two of my close friends went to Pandora's show at OCC and were blown away by her talent. Her energy can truly ignite passion within others that they never may have felt before." 

Syd, Rutgers

I Am Enough has been performed at:

Ocean County College (premiere)  *  Pride Center of New Jersey  *  University of Texas  *  GLCC Center in Pittsburgh  *  Ohio State University/Kaleidoscope  * Newark LGBTQ Center  *  The Rainbow Room, Doylestown, PA  *  Brooklyn Pride Center  *  PCNJ's Youth Drop In  *  EON  *  Transgender Resource Center  *  Spokane PFLAG  *  University of Washington, Seattle  *  Equality Oklahoma  *  Wichita Pride  *  GLO of Springfield, MO  

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