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Pandora Scooter is a passionate, dedicated, and incisive teacher with 22 years experience teaching students 8 to 88 years old.
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Hi Pandora! I wanted to reach out to you regarding a conference that we are having at NJCU for LGBTQA College Leadership on Oct. 28th! I actually had the pleasure of seeing you perform and host at Daniel's TransBenefit this summer! The committee feels that you would be a great addition during the lunch portion as well as if you would like to promote yourself during the resource/ vendor fair for professionals and students you are more than welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you! Jocelyn
Hi Pandora, I have found a little glitch in your store ordering system I want to let you know about. Today I placed a second order for your Power to the Peaceful stickers- last order I assumed I made a mistake after your straight person stickers arrived (thanks for your quick shipping!) Hoping you see this and can send the stickers I'd like this time! Says I've paid for straight person stickers again!!! Thanks a million! Robin
Hi Pandora, Can't wait to see you at open mic. Me an Aura and some other friends from sounth brunswick an triton regional high school can't wait to see you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us.
Hi Pandora, I would just like to say that I just discovered you while doing a project on spoken poems. I really enjoyed reading your poems, and finding out more about you. Keep up the good work!
Hello,I had never heard of you until I search for advice on speaking to teens but now that I have I look forward to reading more by you! The post on speaking to teen crowds was inspired.
Awesome job Pandora this morning at the UU Service. I loved your poetry! I especially liked your metaphor of the stone...perhaps at a symbol of weight and the moment...falling not to hit a target...but to rest in the sand where it lands... So here's another metaphor for life spirit including a stone... from one of my favorite songs, Windmills of My Mind...By Harry Nilsson..."I'm goin where the sunshine keeps shinin...thru the pouring rain...going where the weather suits my clothes...banking over the northeast wind...sailing on a summer breeze...skippin over the ocean, like a stone! :) Hope I'll see you again at the church someday! :) Best, Chuck Gill
Awesome new site, Pandora!! May your powerful messages continue to touch and inspire many more lives!
You GO, Girl! You Are a WHIRL WIND! An INSPIRATION! A Force to Be Reckoned With! A Shooting Rock Star, On this Planet of Mundane Miracles! A Word Smith of Words Worth So much MORE Than the E-Paper It's Not Written On! I Went To OOTB a LOG Time Ago, Read the Beginning of My Novel Out Loud (You LOVED It, BTW!) and I've Been Your Admirer from Afar (Deptford, NJ, that is!) Ever Since! CONGRATULATIONS On your Launch! Siocain (Peace), Deb From Deptford ';-)