“Pandora Scooter’s ‘I AM ENOUGH’ is an empowering and artistic means of engaging communities with the issue of LGBTQ youth suicide. It is necessary that we talk about suicide if we are serious about preventing it. It is necessary to give LGBTQ youth a safe space to share feelings about the very real challenges of being queer youth. Pandora candidly addresses issues that resonate with queer youth. She creates a space to identify with the struggle and the feelings, and the process of healing, inviting the audience to laugh with her and to cry with her, and to recognize we ARE enough.”

Sarah Bahnson

Suicide Prevention Specialist

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation


It was my pleasure to discover Pandora this Saturday at the New Jersey GSA State Convention.  Her work was amazing and the audience reception she received was overwhelming. 


"We've never seen anything like Pandora Scooter at the Dirty Dog before! She's amazing."

News 8 Austin, TX

"Pandora is as pumped up as she pumps up the audience."


Our audience was blessed by Pandora's performance here at NJPAC. She is absolutely awesome!


Pandora Scooter's voice is an intrepid, line-drive, take-charge, and charming advocate for all of us underdogs.

     I saw Pandora Scooter perform at a retreat for a non profit organization I would be working with during my sophomore year. At that point, I was not happy to have to listen to yet another speaker either about substance abuse, racism, and/or bullying. Pandora was introduced to us as a speaker about bullying and I felt myself preparing to nod off into a daydream for the following hour and a half while she lectured us and said whatever it was she needed to say.
      However, she grabbed my attention when she began to perform a scene. That's right, not just to talk but to act. I could tell ten seconds into the scene that it was about a teenager who committed suicide to escape bullying. Suicide is always something that I have taken interest with because I met a boy, Markkus by convincing him not to commit suicide. I remember seeing my friend crying in the hallway one day after she told me one of her best friends was going to try to kill himself. So I did what I do best, I Facebook stalked him and I sent him a message just to let him know that people cared, even me, a complete stranger.
      In one section of the scene, she played the victims mother and I found myself choking by tears because she was just so real. The desperation to want to save someone was familiar to me and I just could not believe how well she acted as a mother who just found her child dead.
      For the rest of her performance, I was engaged, interested, and very impressed. Out of all of the speakers we had at that retreat, I think we all benefited most from her performance because she was so relatable and memorable. 

Pandora Scooter's performance is a force of nature.

Curve Magazine

Her candor, creativity and high energy are evident in her provocative yet tender presentations and her message is constant: "Accept yourself, whoever you are today."