QueerSpeak #21 Healing after Pulse

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, LGBTQ activists and community leaders, David Rogoff and Allison Burns LaGreca, speak about the process of grieving, processing and healing. This is a special episode of QueerSpeak recorded on June 13th 2016 to respond to the tragedy in Orlando, FL.

QueerSpeak #20 Underground Comedy Scene

Sick of those inhuman, mean asshole comics who pepper the stages of the big comedy clubs? Well, queer comic Chelsea Moroski is doing something about it. She's creating an underground, queer feminist comedy scene in New Brunswick. Listen in to find out more!

QueerSpeak #19 GSAs

Some of the most radical LGBTQ work and discussions are happening in high schools in their Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. Check out one of the most successful GSAs and its advisor, Rachelle Omenson.

QueerSpeak #18 Female Body Building

Listen in on the deets about female pro body building and what it's like to be an OUT lesbian pro IFBB.  With guest Asmina.

QueerSpeak #17 Transvisibility

Despite Laverne Cox and Janet Mock being prominent on talk shows and magazine covers, transphobia is alive and well. Listen in to this episode of QueerSpeak for the importance of trans visibility.

QueerSpeak #16 LGBT on the TV and Big Screen

QueerSpeak looks at representations of gay, bisexual, lesbian and trans folks on the big and little screen. Guest Ian August offers a whole host of shows for everyone to watch!

QueerSpeak #15 Feminism vs. Womanism in the LGBT

Wondering if there's sexism in the LGBTQ Community? You bet there is! But who's around to combat it? Feminists or Womanists? You decide...

QueerSpeak #14 Being POC in the LGBT

The LGBTQ community is just as vulnerable to racism as any other part of America. Being a queer person of color in the LGBT is a difficult experience to articulate. On this episode of QueerSpeak we talk about what it's like to be a person of color in the Queer Community.

QueerSpeak #13 Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings are going the way of Political Correctness.  They started out with good intentions, but now it's getting to be about censorship and avoiding the hard discussions.  Listen in as Danielle and I discuss this salient topic.

QueerSpeak #12 Aromatherapy

The Newest QUEERSPEAK EPISODE features Ranessa Porter and her aromatherapy company, Rosemary & Om. Listen in on the secrets of how aromatherapy works and how it can enhance your life.


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