QueerSpeak #11 Buddhism

Guest John Marron, psychotherapist and Buddhist, talks about why Buddhism might be more suitable for LGBTQ folks looking for a spiritual path.

QueerSpeak #10 Comedy with Rich Kiamco

Gay, vegan, Filipino comic Rich Kiamco talks about how he deals with homophobic and racist audiences - and how he may like them better than queer ones!

QueerSpeak #9 GAAMC - Activism

Sherri Rase, President of GAAMC (the Gay Activist Alliance of Morris County) speaks on the history of this group and their activist work in the LGBTQ community.

QueerSpeak #8 White Privilege in the LGBT Community

While there are many external factors hindering the growth of the LGBTQ* Community, there are also factors within our community that keep us from growing. Specifically: White Privilege. Zaneta Rago, Director of the Center for Social Justice and LGBT Communities speaks on QueerSpeak about this important topic.



QueerSpeak #7 The Q Word

The meaning, history, divisiveness and unifying quality of the word "queer."

QueerSpeak #6 Comedy

What is is like to be a queer stand up comic?  What about the ins and outs of being in the comedy biz?  Listen in for some great insights....

QueerSpeak #5 Mental Health

Being in the LGBT community means having to face particular stresses that can be helped when addressed in therapy.  Have you thought or wondered about therapy?  In this podcast, we dispel some of the myths about therapy and give some ideas for what you might expect from going.

QueerSpeak #4 Poly Poly Poly

There are so many misconceptions about polyamory -- that it legitimizes cheating, that it's swinging, that it's sleezy.  I mean, it can be any of these things, but it doesn't have to be.  Listen to Danielle and Pandora hammer out what it really means to be poly.

QueerSpeak #3 Bi-Visibility

QueerSpeak Episode #3 -- Bi-Visibility featuring musician and bi-activist Robin Renee.  Just how welcoming are the GL&T's to the B's in our community?  Listen in...

QueerSpeak #2 Sex

I am so sick of the fakey-sex, the faux-hetero-like sex that the media is using to portray GLBT sex.  It is preposterous.  This week, we're going to talk about REAL SEX.  Real, sticky, gooey sex.  You won't believe your ears.

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