I write and perform theatrical shows and run concert shows that run from 45 min to 2 hours.  Each of them has had extensive runs.  I have separate pages for some of them, just click on "Shows" above and the links will come up.  Here are the basics about each theatrical show:

HOMO-Sapienism (appropriate for 13 and up) What is it to live OUT, LOUD and PROUD?  In this concert show, Pandora performs powerful and hilarious pieces about coming out and living out.  (can run 45 to 75 min).

I AM ENOUGH (appropriate for 13 -24, primarily LGBTQ audience) about suicide prevention and self-confidence building (see link for more details) (75 min)

OUTwordlyFabulous (appropriate for 12 and up) This solo show features 12 characters who are dealing with many aspects of bullying - from the bully's point of view and the bullied's point of view and the bystander/upstander's point of view.  OUTwordlyFabulous puts forth the idea that it is compassion that is going to save the day for everyone involved.

Samuraization (appropriate for 18+) Have you faced your mortality?  Do you know what you're going to do with it?  Are you secure about it?  Inspired by the life of Japanese revolutionary and novelist, Yukio Mishima, Samuraization explores the strength and clarity we can find when we confront our own death.  Oh, and don't worry, the show is very funny!  (2 hours)

Fear Junkie (appropriate for people who have had panic attacks) an exploration of the relationship between fear and consumerism and why I'm afraid to sleep in the dark. (45 min)

Open-Mic (any age group) I can host and feature at an open mic in your venue, to get your students or members to share their gifts as writers, singers, poets, dramatists, stand up comics, performance artists. (any length, usually 60 min is best)

I can perform in a library, a large classroom, an auditorium, an MPR. Very flexible.

To book any of these shows go to the contact page and fill out the form and we'll get back with you asap.