Black Man Walking

In the wake of Orlando and Pride Month, we now have the 153rd, 154th and 155th shootings and killings of low-offense, unarmed Black men by police officers.  As my close friend Cedric Hill said, "They're just shooting us out there.  Willy nilly.  Don't need a reason.  It's scary."  This from a highly educated, very talented and large black man who was raised partially in the Islands and partially here in Newark, NJ.  He's frightened to walk his own streets.  As well he should be.

The fight for community for the LGBTQ populace is completely related to the #blacklivesmatter campaign.  There is no way that any of us: gay, straight, black, white, brown, queer can sit idly by while our brothers are being shot down - whether they're in a gay nightclub or on the streets, whether it's by extremists or men in uniform.

I have questions that beg for answers

My black brothers are being killed in their own neighborhoods

On corners of avenues and roads and every where where they should be safe

Every where from Baton Rouge to Baltimore to Staten Island to Ferguson

I see families left without fathers, brothers, uncles and sons

I see white cops hiding behind a thick blue line

Behind shiny silver shields

Behind guns they wield like toys

They say boys will be boys

But this is no game

And there is no time out

And the blame is getting tossed around

Hot potato Hot potato

Not me Not me

Not the police, Not the judge, Not the jury

Must be black society

Raising all these troubling looking Negroes

Who don't know how to act right at night in sight of cameras that take videos

Of their assassinations.

And you say you feel overwhelming helplessness and devastation?

But, you're alive

Your heart still beats

You can demonstrate in the streets

You can denounce these acts, these problem-white-cops

You can call for a fair and impartial judicial system 

Oh, but wait

Let's get something straight

The fair and impartial judicial system doesn't exist, right?

Juries intimidated by the potential retribution of indicted cops vote down true bills

The wills of partisan judges allowing party politics to play out in their courts go unchallenged

To quote a crook and an idealist: This system is rigged

You don't have to dig at all to get to what's rotten in the USA

White male cops are feeling their days are numbered

And this makes them nervous

And when a young, straight, white, male cop gets antsy

And he is armed with a lethal weapon

Add a dose of "why is everyone in this land turning brown?" brand racism:


155 deaths at the hands of cops and counting

I'm not exactly sure what to do

I wish Obama would just overall the DOJ already

Clean house, cut out the fat and make it do it's job.

But until I do know what to do,

I'm going to write and yell and write and scream

I'm going to preach and preach

And teach

And reach out to anyone who will listen

So that maybe we can put together a coalition

And get some justice for those who have fallen.

Black Men in our country, they're living in a Powderkeg

Who knows when death is coming around the corner

Dressed in a uniform, with sirens and a black and white car?

Could be tonight 

or tomorrow night

or the next night

But they're coming to a street corner near you, don't act surprised...

This plague runs deeper and more insidiously that any of us can realize.



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