A GSA in Columbia, MO

Well, so far we've been in universities and LGBT Centers.  This was the first high school.  It's a brand spankin' new high school.  And it STILL felt fucking super tense and like nobody breathes while there.  I mean, I'm just describing every high school I've ever been in, so it's not like I'm putting down this one - not at all - it's just, you know, a public school.  Like all public schools.  Smells like teen angst and oppression and quiet desperation.  Here are some pictures of the school:

So, I got to perform for the GSA at Battle High School, which consists of ten gender bender, queer youth who totally looked like home to me.  There's just a look to queer youth that is similar, not the same, but similar across the country. Except for the super conservative areas we've been to.  There's the dyed hair and the smart jackets, and the dressiness and the buttons and the hair cuts.  It's pretty awesome really to be able to recognize family most everywhere we go.  And of course there are the youth that are family that are not recognizable in this way, but it's just so cool to see that there's a relationship between queer youth culture across the land. I mean, we haven't been to NM, AZ etc yet, but I'm guessing...they''ll be some recognizable youth in the audiences.

I performed an abbreviated version of HOMO-sapienism: Learning to Mind Our LGBTQs -- side note: thus far ONE person has giggled at that title and then told me it was "Clever." Hm.  I think it's an awesome title.  Except, oh shit, this is just coming to me now but maybe it should be called HOMO! -sapienism or something like? Anyway, I did the portions of the piece that are do-able in a public high school and then instructed where they could get the other piece on You Tube.  A great time was had by all -- even when during A TO Z the mostly sophomore and junior students went off the rails and called out "G" for "E" and "P" for "X" which I do not attribute to their schooling here in the bible belt, but more having to do with the fact that they were laughing so hard at some combination of my references and their own jokes.  A fun time was had by all.

Here's the group:


Yea, we were in a science classroom - Physics, specifically. I was really tickled to be in a science classroom, to finally be successful in some way in one of those rooms!

I have more to say (big surprise), but 9 hours on the road, 5 without Internet or Cell Service...I'm a little rushed for time. I'll have more time tomorrow.

Peace to all of you



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