A Show Day -- Before the Show

So, I thought, since I have time, I’d write a pre-show blog entry.  Let’s see…what’s interesting about a pre-show entry?  Well, I woke up at 5:30 am after going to bed at 8:00 pm — I’ve been staying pretty much on East Coast time most of this trip.  I get soooo tired around 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm — which is fine except when I have a 7pm show, ya know.  So, up at 5:30 am and then back to sleep for another 2 hours or so.  Played around on the laptop - Facebook, Gmail, OK Cupid, etc… back and forth.  Decided to take a shower.  OH! Put in my contacts first - that’s important because if I don’t put them in first thing when I wake up, they don’t go in because of my dry eye.  So, yeah - pop those suckers in and then shower.  Wore the swank Pineapple Hotel bathrobe and did some more work on line.  Got dressed, came down to the cafe and had an iced coffee with a bagel w smoked salmon, capers and pickled red onion.  Not so good.  And now I’m sitting in the cafe calling the final three or four venues that are not responding — to get a def yes or no from them about whether or not we’re going to perform there.  

Truth be told, I’m hoping they either all come through or none of them comes through.  So that I can either be super busy right up until we hit the road to come home, or I can come home early.  That would be really great.  I miss my kid and my couch something awful.  Nothing like leaving home for two months to put into perspective what’s so great about home.  I can’t say I miss cooking (not that I do that much cooking), but I miss what I cook - definitely.  I miss knowing where things are — like at Rite Aid in my town, I know exactly where the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter hand cream is.  It’s so great to have that.  It’s all these familiarities that add up to a sense of stability.  That just doesn’t exist on the road.  Entering into a convenience store is a constant adventure — where’s this, where’s that, what’s here?  Even Target is set up (slightly) different.

Everything is so unfamiliar, the houses on the streets, the landscape, the city skyline - it begins to be too much to take in.  It just whizzes by while I’m focused on my phone or my computer to keep myself grounded in some kind of familiarity.  It’s just too much.  By now I’ve seen or have passed by the plains of Texas, Oklahoma, the deserts of NM and AZ, Devil’s Valley in AZ, the Mountains and Mountains of CA and the Wine Country of CA and the Big Sur, the Pacific Ocean, the Mountains of the NW.  Mount Ranier looks like a mount of shaved ice — I’m waiting for someone to pour some strawberry sauce on it so I can dig in.  

Not to sound unappreciative (on purpose), but I’m just full up.  I’ve seen so much and I’m just kind of sick of seeing natural monuments of such grandeur.  Maybe “sick” is the wrong word - “tired” or just “overdone” or “overwhelmed.”  At this point I would absolutely LOVE to see the NJ Turnpike.  No shit.  Seriously.  Or even the Mormon Temple in DC (which is minutes from my folks’ house).  That would be amazing.  And I know, relatively speaking, they’re right around the corner.  I’ll be seeing them pretty soon.  And maybe I’ll wish I had spent more time being more present with the wonders and sights on tour — but, probably not.  I’ll probably be content with my memories.

It’s 10:05 am and Kristen is going to be on her way from Tacoma to Seattle soon.  We’re going to take a practice run to the venue on the campus of the University of Washington — campuses are super challenging to find the venues and the parking etc… So, when we can, we try and do a trial run.  Then we’ll have about four hours to hang out before it’s time to go and do the show.  We’ll probably have lunch in there.  I’d love some sushi.  I miss sushi.  Hell, I miss Midori sushi (the sushi restaurant around the corner from my house that is, at best, a six).

So, this is what some days look like before a show.  (If we're not on the road, etc...)




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