Chipper's Gone!

Well, our trip to Austin, TX from Carbondale, IL got cut short in Mount Pleasant, TX because the van decided to become an Oil Sieve.


The oil light came on the day before and so we took Chipper for an oil change at a very nice place in Sherwood, AK.  That's where we named her Chip, for Chipper.  And then we went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant where Kristen, of course, ordered a vegetarian dish...which had in it, buried, a large chunk of chicken!  Uh-uh.  NO BUENO.  I complained immediately to some random waitress. The waiter came over and asked Kristen "What's the matter, you don't like chicken?"  Like she should be happy she scored a piece of fowl in her dinner. Kristen got them to take the dish off the bill and we got outta there.  Onward to Austin.  About three hours down the road, ding, pause, ding... Kristen says, "The oil light is on."  What? "We just spent $60 on an oil change. What?" And ding and more dinging and the dinging got more frequent and then the check engine light went on and then some other light went on and the dinging and the lights went on and on til we got the van to a gas station, let it sit for five minutes, then moved the van and got out and looked at the ground. Oil. Bunches of pools of oil all under where our engine was.  We tried it again.  More oil.  Hm.  Well. I guess we're not going to Austin.













You can see our door in that right bottom corner.  Cedric suggested I call Budget's Roadside service then and there to make sure they had a record of the problem.  The Budget rep assured me there was no problem getting a new vehicle out to us in the morning, just give a call and it'll be to us in an hour.  Sounds great...and absolutely unbelievable.  So, yep, we parked the Oil Sieve recently named Chip by the door and by midnight we were indoors going to bed.  We were both revved up for a 3 am arrival, so - Kristen was wide awake til 3 am listening to   and watching Friends -- that sucks.  But I was able to go to sleep watching L&O SVU - just like home.

Morning came, I called Budget to 'activate my on hold order' and I was put on hold...forever...they were searching the 60 mile radius to find a vehicle for us.  I made sure to let them know that it had to be the same size, 'cause we had Chip filled to the gills. Finally they got back to us (we were already seated at IHOP waiting to be waited on, so much waiting) and they had a new vehicle for us - so they had to drive it out to us and that was going to take four hours.  What???  And they she said, "Oh, no four hours round trip for us, we'll be to you in 90 minutes.  Ok. Great.

Breakfast was IHOP delish. Then Kristen whisked me off in the Oil Sieve to a Nail Salon where I got my lovely digit tips done up all sparkly like.  



And finally, the new van showed up and Kristen emptied out Chipper Oil Sieve and put all our stuff in the new van, which is red and SMALLER. And then we were once again on our way to Austin.  The end.



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