Dallas and Youth First!

Youth First is an amazing LGBTQ Center for Youth in Dallas, TX.  It's got an art room, music room, chill room, huge computer center and kitchen and meeting room.  This is a photo of the space I performed in.  It was super fun performing in the round and having that center cushion to use to stand on and sit on, it gave me so much variety of movement.  Tres fun.  Yay.

 These were the folks who were watching my show last night. They were a great audience.  Mostly between 18 and 22.  They were quiet but super open and warm.  I felt like it was a great show.  They didn't laugh at all the places audiences usually laugh at, but they were totally with me from start to finish.  It was a real joy to perform for them.

After the gig, Kristen and I were put up for the night by Megan and her husband Mike.  Megan helps to run Youth First and was the reason we made it to Youth First.  It's always ama-

zing to spend some time with the folks who run the spaces where we perform

.  We learn so much about the work that they do.  Megan let us know that last night while we were getting ready for the show, there was a call from a mother who wanted information about homeless shelters available for youth -- the mother had a daughter who came out as a lesbian and they didn't want her around their younger children.  Wow.

Dallas is also a pretty conservative area, so the Youth First center is part of an LGBT Center called the Resource Center -- the Resource Center houses the only dentist's office that will treat patients with HIV.  

It's been a really great visit.  We're trying to get info for our next stop in OK. We are definitely going to be here in Carrollton, TX on Sunday!  Yay!  At GALA Youth Center North Texas.

Great. Love,



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