Do you Think Too Much?

When I was first in therapy, this round (starting about 14 years ago), my therapist asked me what I wanted to work on.  I told her I wanted to:

Excise the gap between impulse and execution.

That is to say, I wanted to be able to move directly into action the moment that I thought of something and knew that it was something I wanted to do.  My therapist seemed to think that this was interesting.  I don't think she really got it at the time.

During this period, I had witnessed myself spark with new ideas and then think them over and think them over and think and think and think until they lost their spark and I was no longer inspired.  I wanted to get rid of all this thinking time.  Clearly, I didn't want to become impulsive - just doing things because I thought of them - but I wanted to have as little time as possible between impulse and action/execution.

Over the years I have been able to whittle away at this thinking time.  Mostly by catching myself in the throes of thinking about the idea and then checking myself, "Am I ready to move forward?  Do I have all the information I need to move forward?"  And if I do, then moving forward.  At first it was forceful - I had to push to make the execution stage.  But now, I don't.  Now, it's a fluid process.

For instance:

Saturday I saw all those homeless people in the vestibule of New Brunswick train station.

Monday I wrote about it saying I was still stunned, but when I wasn't, I would act.

Monday evening I spoke to someone who was on the streets in New Brunswick about what to do.

Monday evening reached out to three comics and a venue to create a benefit concert (something I can do easily).

Tuesday morning I had three comics lined up and a venue set for a benefit.

Wednesday (today) I ordered a logo for the STAND-UP (comedy) for the HOMELESS Benefit Concert.

I'll have the ticket sales up and running by Friday and a Facebook page with logo and flyers up by Monday at the latest, probably.

One of the tricks to making impulse to execution work is that I know what my skill set is.  I know what I can do and I know who to go to if I need extra help.  There are definitely some ideas that I've had that I haven't been able to execute on so quickly because of lack of information or skills.  And these are on the back burner.  But meanwhile, I'm able to make the ideas I do have that are within my skill set come to fruition quickly and (relatively) easily.

Impulse ----> Execution.



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