Equality OK - OK By Me

Yeah, so it's a cheesy title, but sure is true.  Equality Oklahoma is one of the biggest centers in the country and it is totally gorgeous - with room after room of space to meet, watch videos, have dances, dressing rooms, storage rooms, a gift shop (got a bunch of presents for my kid!) a drive-in garage which was SUCH a treat for us with our gear.  The space that I performed in had room for 100 or more I'm sure.  My audience was more like 20, and they were an AWESOME audience.  With me the whole way, laughing, nodding, tearing up - it was a really powerful experience for all of us there.


Again, there were youth who were not out and did not want to be photographed.  Either because they're not out or, in one youth's case, they were thrown out of the house and is living in a Children's Service's shelter (so can't be photographed) where the kids/staff are super homophobic, they say, and have stolen they're clothes.  Kristen and I have talked about going to a Goodwill when we can to pick out some clothes for the homeless youth we meet along the way. Wish we thought of that sooner.

This youth was particularly moved by I AM ENOUGH.  They are a dancer and a singer and writer and poet, but always feel so scared that they're going to choke when they get on stage.  So, on top of  the subject of the show hitting home with them so deeply, the fact that they saw someone up "on stage" doing what they want to do was also deeply moving to this  youth.

Some quotes from this audience: "I liked your acting. You made it believable" (Streep, scoot over! :-) )  "You were inspiring and amazing."   "I could relate on too many levels."  "I'm so glad I came to this show."  "This needs to be heard."

A bunch of people along the tour have apologized for not having bigger turn outs.  I always say -- and I mean it -- it's not the quantity of people at the show, it's the openness and availability of those who attend that matters.  Thus far, I've had stellar audiences and I couldn't be happier.

"Hello, Mom, I'm HOME!"

"Don't lie to me kid / I'm not the problem..."

"With this left pinky nail, I will prevail!!!"

Thank you Kristen for the photos.  And video.  On to Springfield, MO (yes East)  and the ONE SPRINGFIELD Fundraiser where I'll be doing HOMO-sapienism.

Power to the Peaceful and Love to All,



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