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Hello Cleveland!

Cleveland is an awesome place for Gay Living and being out, loud and proud! And the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland is so welcoming.  It's an exciting place to be with tons of different activities going on simultaneously.

We arrived at about 6:00 pm  -found parking RIGHT outside, yay! And used our new hand truck to dolly half our gear/merch into the space.  I think we're going to name our hand truck - what do you think we should name it??? - and we got inside and bam - hit the ground running.  Kristen had a huge merch table to put everything out - I had a lovely green room with sandwiches and oranges and two LGBT Center 40th Anniversary mugs as gifts to us.  Make up, clothes and off to the races!

The beginning of the show was a bit off -- a young man came and sat up on stage with me!  He was fine until he started pulling a Statler/Waldorf routine, heckling me from on stage!  I totally handled it in stride, broke character and asked him to please give me room to do my show.  He eventually obliged, with the help of some staff members from the Center.  But that didn't trip me up.  It was ok.  I jumped back into the show and it was - relatively - smooth sailing from there.  :-)

One of the coolest perks to staying in Cleveland is that we're being put up at the Clifford House, a B-n-B run by James Minor.  If you are ever in Cleveland, this is the place to stay!  Totally.  James is such a great host and his home is GORGEOUS.  This is the room I got to stay in!  Yay!


Right? How gorgeous is that?  Thank you to LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland and the Clifford House for the great hospitality.

Due to snow craziness, school was canceled at Warren High School in Vincent, OH, so our gig there this morning isn't happening.  But I had a long talk with the GSA advisor and we're going to try and set something up for the fall - she's had a number of students struggle with suicide attempts and ideation, so she really wants the show.  Plus there's another school near Cleveland that contacted me about performing.  So, I think I'm coming back to Ohio in the Fall!  

Here's the group shot of us at the Center!




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  • Tegan
    Yay for opportunities!

    Yay for opportunities!

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