Give Back


How many of you are just queer?

Like that’s all you are.

Or just black?

Or just a man?

Or just Christian?

Or just middle class?

Or just a daughter?


Like how many of you have only one identifying context?

One single, solitary professed place where you lay your one label?



You see, most all of us are many in one

We may be trans, AND we’re also Muslim, gay, a husband and son

We may be lesbian, AND we’re also Jewish, butch, Unitarian and a mommy

We may be bi, AND we’re also Catholic, femme, male and a daddy


You see:

This is what is called Intersectionality

This is what the new trend be

Not looking at you and me

In these silos of context


You’re woman, Next

You’re lesbian, Next

You’re femme, Next

You’re Poor, Next

You’re Educated, Next

You’re Indian, Next

You’re Buddhist, Next


But now, we’re not silos of personalities

We’re conglomerations of identities


We now realize, recognize

We see with our own eyes

How all these identifiers synthesize

Into a unique human being

With experiences and traits created, generated by seeing

All of who we are

Every last tid bit - no bit is too far off the mark


So, me, as you know, I’m a homo sapien

And I’m a lesbian whose femme

And I’m Japanese and American

And I’m Atheist and Jewish

And I come from an upper middle class background

And I’m a Gen Xer

And I’m a mother and a daughter

And I’m a survivor of sexual assault


And all of these things make up who I am

No one part is any more important to my identity that any other part

This is full on lesbi-femme-AmerAsian-Atheist-Jew-UpperMiddleClass-GenX-Mom-Daughter-Survivor-me


So no wonder in the LGBT

I want to talk about sexism

I want to talk about racism

I want to talk about classism

I want to talk about ageism

I want to talk about bi and trans and pan and demi phobia

I want to talk about domestic violence

Yes, I do

Becaue the LGBT is the community that could hold long view


Do you want our LGBT to tromp around with a huge ego?

Thinking we know everything we need to know.

So go screw, ‘cause we got to say “I do” ???


Do you want our LGBT to grow?

Do you want our LGBT to be in the know?

Do you want our LGBT to more than survive?

Do you want our LGBT to thrive?


Then roll up your sleeves, drop your defenses

Come down off the eaves, come 'round your white picket fences

Join the conversation

Join the struggle

To make LGBT into a true Rainbow Community

Every color of skin

Every gender in the spectrum

Every ability and disability

Every religiosity

Every class and education

Every type of every one can fit in.


The talks will be hard at first, 

you know it and I know it

But if we keep the goal clear

We won’t care if our sweat shows it

That people get things wrong when talking personal

And that’s something we have in common, all of us, - It’s not null

It’s not fair to foreclose on this conversation before it happens

Try it first, stumble, make mistakes,

Don’t be a jerk…


Whoever you are in this great Rainbow Community

You know someone sacrificed so that you could just be

Maybe it was Sylvia Rivera who laid down her life

Or maybe it was your father, mother, sister, priest, teacher, best friend or wife

Someone made it possible for you to be out, loud and proud

And now you must face that crowd and give back for all you are endowed


If you are out

If you have a job that pays your bills

If you can afford to go out a socialize once in a while

If you can afford $6 for a frappa mappa at Starbuck’s

If you have a roof over your head

If you are educated

If you have resources

If you have access to health insurance

If you are gay, lesbian, transgender or bi


You OWE it to those in our community who don’t have any one or all of these things

To help bring them along


Someone made it possible for you to come out

For you to get an education

For you to get housing

For you to have security


What would have happened to you if they hadn't stepped up?


So now you step up

As they stepped up

You do the research to get involved on a deep and meaningful level in our community

To help out those who don’t have the advantages we have and had.


Yes, now that you’re grown and you can give back, 

Give back

Give back to those who lack the means 

You have at your back


Give back

Dig Deep

Give back

Roll up your Sleeves

Give back

Give back

Give back

Give back

On April 19th 2016, Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm, we are holding the first meeting of the LGBTQ Social Justice group at the Pride Center of NJ.  Please try to make the meeting.  We'll continue meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month to organize, discuss and collaborate on and around issues related to Social Justice in the LGBTQ Community.

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