Hello, Springfield, my old friend!

I don't know where to start.  The gig was amazing - small crowd and totally receptive and awesome.  Many of them were a bit road weary from the NO REPEAL campaign they are engaged in to KEEP IN PLACE a city ordinance that protect GLBT folks in employment and consumer situations.  So, this gig was a fundraiser for that cause.  A wonderful activist named Ashley spoke about the situation right now in Springfield and then I went on.  I decided to take what Tony Kushner said to heart, "I may be preaching to the choir, but somebody has to keep them singing."  So, I dedicated my show that night, HOMO-sapienism: Learning to Mind our LGBTQs to the hard work that these activists have been doing.  Excitingly enough, one of youth who attended my first and second shows in Springfield (2011, 2012) came to the show and brought her BFF.  And they were VERY interested in helping out the NO REPEAL cause.  They were asking questions, taking window signs (Fern's friend, Shawnna, put it up in her rear window immediately.  There were pictures being taken with the NO REPEAL Frame (an idea I think I'm going to steal, btws).  And at the end, one by one the folks who have been knocking on doors and making phone calls told me how much they needed that - to be entertained, to be celebrated as LGBTQers, to feel respected.  That's what I tried to give these folks and I think it was successful.  Here are some pictures from the night:


New-to-me dress from Plato's Closet  and NO REPEAL pasties over my nipples!  #scandalousinSpringfield!  Hee hee.  

This may be the first couple in America to meet on GRINDER and start a RELATIONSHIP.  The Advocate just ran an article about the "probable" first  gay couple to meet and start a relationship on GRINDER, but we think we have them beat. Brandon and Brennan have been together for 10 months as of two days ago.  Congratulations to them and lots of good luck with that rainbow picket fence.  Mwah.

This is the group of us -- post this picture far and wide, you have no idea who knows someone in Springfield who could help with Phone Banking or Canvassing.  I would have phone banked, but I had to take off for my next gig in Columbia, MO.  That young woman in the center with me, that's Fern, who came to my gigs.  We went out afterwards to this bar and the bartender, Justin, DIDN'T CARD ME!!!  I was so flattered and happy, I gave him a big tip and told him that I truly appreciated being 

recognized for my age.  He laughed, shook  his head and gave me a great smile.  

Before we left, Kristen and I took a fun picture with the frame.  Here's us supporting our Springfieldian (yes, that's that they're called) brothers and sisters to have the right to be gay and employed, gay and safe, and trans and restroom accommodated.  Basically, so LGBT folks can be protected under the law as equally as everyone else.

It was a great night.  I had a wonderful time. I was very happy to provide some relief to those in the audience who have been working so hard for No Repeal.  And thanks again Fern for making my visit extra special.

Onto Columbia, MO then, yes, allllllllll the way to New Mexico.




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