Hellos come with a Side of Goodbye

Hey so we take off on tour on Tuesday - that's 3 more nights, 2 more days from now and everyone's asking me if I'm excited.  And I am.  Totally.  Totally, off the charts THRILLED out of my mind to be going on this tour -- for all the youth that I'll meet and theexperiences I'll have, it's going to be wild.  


And then there's leaving my kid for 67 days.


The closest person to me on the planet is a soon-to-be 16 year old AMAZING person and when I ask her how she feels about me going, she says, "Well, I'm glad you're going to help other kids.  I wish they didn't need helping. But they do and you're good, so you have to go."

Seriously?  How can I leave her?  I just want to bundle her up and treat this like a home school mega field trip.

But no. She has to stay home, go to school, star in her school musical, make new friends, leave old friendships, deal with my mother and her Dad.  She's got to have her life.  And we're going to gchat, email, facebook message, and snapchat and Skype and Google Hangout every chance we get. Sigh --

Saying goodbye to her started about three weeks ago and is coming to its climax this weekend -- the end of a week of staying home from school because she didn't feel well (read: I wanna spend time with Mom). We're caught up on the L&O SVU episodes, and Scandal.  She showed me some very edgy episodes of South Park, which I swore I would never watch. Then we watched a fave from her childhood - Hercules - singing all the way through it and THEN she wanted me to see Mulan bc I've never seen it.  I protested.  I did NOT want to see another lily-livered princess acting 'tough.'  When she insisted that I watch it, I knew there must be something to it.  WOW.  How Feminist can Disney get?  I had no idea they were even capable of such progressive thought about women.  And no wedding at the end?  Big ups to my kid for recognizing a decent movie.

I'm going to miss the hell out of this kid.  I'm going to give 150% at every show because that's the only way it'll be worth missing so much time with her.

Now I must get back to packing, organizing, preparing, fundraising, fixing problems, following up, and delegating. More about that tomorrow.

Excited & Sorrowful,



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