I AM ENOUGH no wait HOMO!sapienism

What can I say?  The final show was fun, funny and a bit of a cluster.  Turns out that the 1st Fridays of the month are open houses and free wine/etc for all the stores/businesses/restaurants on the main strip there in Sioux Falls.  Which meant people walking in and out of the space while I was performing.  Ok.  I can handle that, I thought.  Set up for I AM ENOUGH.  Got into costume and then came out at time for the show (6:00 pm) and there was no one in the house.  There were a bunch of adults outside the arts organization I was performing in - in the front (by the store front).  No youth.  Kristen made the very wise suggestion that I do HOMO!sapienism instead of I AM ENOUGH.  Quick costume change and informing organizer that we’re switching shows.  HOMO! will be much better for people walking in and out.

Turns out that was a great decision.  Wise and prudent.  People really were just stopping in the doorway and listening to a few words and trying to assess if I was doing something they would want to stay for.  Most didn’t come in, but lagged at the door, noncommittally. I found it hilarious when there’d be someone listening and then I’d use the word “dyke” or “gay” and and away they walked.  Well, it was funny the first couple times, and then it became distracting and finally kinda annoying.


I sorta felt like the token gay Amerasian doing the “what-do-you-call-that?” performance at the Meso Art Space — with people walking by once…circling back…twice.  Kristen said she saw one woman walk by four times with her dog.  Kristen had a prime view of the voyeurs as they stopped to gawk and stare (are those the same?).  She said at one point a couple (man and woman) stopped - the woman stopped - and was listening to me and I got to the DYKE DYKE DYKE!!!!!!! part and her male partner immediately covered her face with his arm and yanked her away.  Huh.  I have such an effect on people!

To be sure, the lovely people in the audience, sitting inside the space were a wonderful small crowd.  They listened to every syllable, drank in my rhymes and reasons.  They laughed at my jokes and they were very warm.  Funniest moment for me was this: There was a straight couple, older, in the audience - obvious awesome allies. (Didn’t know at the time he was a preacher).  And when I got to the part in Match Me (the piece about internet dating) I say, “What to type? What to type? I’m loyal and fun / I’m aching to come. Don’t write that!”  There were giggles from everyone, but the preacher was beside himself laughing so hard, with his eyes closed and his shoulders shaking up and down.  It was great.

In the house was the couple who is at the center of South Dakota’s Marriage Equality law suit.  They’re now waiting for the Supreme Court to rule.  We KNOW what the Supremes are going to rule.  Why do these people have to wait.

As far as last shows of tours go, this was just great.  Sure, I would have loved to have a few dozen youth see I AM ENOUGH.  But making a dozen grown ups happy and then exposing goodness knows how many to the existence of OUT, LOUD and PROUD dykes, puts an awesome exclamation point on an already successful tour.

Now we are in the middle of Wisconsin, making a mad dash for Clyde, OH, where we’re going to stay the night and then head back East on Sunday.  It will be exactly 61 days since we left on this journey.  Home sounds really good right about now.

I’m probably going to take a few days off before I write my thank you’s and put some closure on this tour.  I still have so much to do to get back to my off-the-road life.

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