I'm Just Sick of It

Anyone who wants to tell me that there isn't an epidemic of LGBTQ youth suicide needs to come to Utah.  

Oh....RANT ALERT....

I am sick to death of people telling me there is no problem, that gay kids have it easy now, that there's no need for my show.  Everywhere I've performed I AM ENOUGH, I asked the audience to anonymously indicate if they have struggled with or know someone who struggles with suicide. 100% of the youth present responded YES to either or both questions.  At least 95% responded yes to struggling with it themselves and 100% know someone who struggles with it.

Don't tell me there's not a problem.

And THEN last night at the show for Utah Pride, I found out that Utah has one of the highest suicide rates for teens in the country.  And then I find out that ONE HIGH SCHOOL - one SINGLE high school - has had THREE suicides THIS YEAR.  How is this not in the news?  What the fuck is going on that this isn't in the news?  I asked if the kids were gay and was told "We don't know. They don't talk about it."  But the chances they were gay or being gay bashed (even if straight) are pretty high - since the language of bullying IS homophobia and this just makes me want to set up shop here in Utah and go do my show at all the high schools all around.

And THEN I find out that this woman who used to live in DC was close to a kid who was in Bethesda who killed himself after being bullied to death by classmates and I was like, "Did he go to B-CC? (my alma mater)" and she was like "Yes."  And I was LIVID.  This is a liberal, rich school district with resources. WTF is anyone there doing taunting a trans kid?  Fuckers.  So, I'm going to make that a priority to get down there and speak to/perform for those kids about these issues.

All in all a very fruitful visit to Utah Pride AND they gave me  standing O!  AND I got to perform in a real live theatre with good acoustics!  Ahhhhhhh!  Soooo wonderful!  Oh, I guess the rant is over.

These are the lovely people of Utah Pride - including one person who just came out a month ago!  So brave to come to this show.  They want to give back, already!  Amazing people.

And here I am performing:


And that's Utah - for now. Hopefully more of Utah next year.  Oh and of course, I have another show in Utah tonight - in Ogden - which is, I hear, one of the towns that has the most occurrence of teen suicide in the state. Let's go do some (more) good!

Power to the Peaceful and Love to All,


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