Oh to have a Houseboy like Hank Azaria

Well, it's Thursday night and everything's alright - between my glass of white wine (not my fave) and my Triscuits (food product, really, not food), I'm doing allllllll right.

I'm going through an overhaul - of my brand, of my look, of my way of communicating with folks in my fan base.  At first it might not look like much, but, baby, it's going to be spectACular.  I feel a little like Nathan Lane in the Bird Cage when he gets to enter the house as the Mother.  AiAiAiAi.  And Hank Azaria as the houseboy?  What I would do with (I mean FOR) a houseboy like that.  Mmmm!

Anyhow, I've updated some aspects of my website and I'm going to continue working on them.  Which is all very awesome work to do in between writing parts of THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LESBIAN SEX which is going to be a Sapphic Romp of such GIANT proportions, EVERYONE is going to want to be there!  Because, who does like to satisfy a woman?  HUH?  Well, besides gay guys, but they'll come for the GORE factor -- "Eeeewwwwwww: Wetness!!!!!"  It's going to be a blast and a half for everyone.

My kid's away at camp.  Just saw her perform the lead in Sophie Treadwell's MACHINAL.  Well, don't take my word for it.  There were parents there in the "biz" (as we do NOT like to call it) and they were absolutely FAWNING over my kid's performance.  Amazing.  Awesome.  She did super well.  Except this one scene, she kinda sucked.  And I asked her about it the next day and her explanation was, "Oh Mom, the girl who was supposed to play that part went to the hospital so Kierie took the part over, but she put the costume on backwards!"  So, basically, the kid was having trouble keeping herself from not laughing her ass off.  Understandable.

Speaking of mothers: mine is still alive.  Try as I might, I can't will her to die no matter what.  I mean, it'd be no great loss - her friends would miss her, my Dad would miss her terribly, but she only has two friends, really and I just kind of need my dignity back.  No, really.  I get along fine with my mom, but she is a sociopathette.  She took the Meyer's-Briggs personality test and got zero in "Feelings" and she was PROUD OF IT.

I'll be starting up my podcast QueerSpeak again soon.  Focusing on all things Queer.

Look out for more blog posts and for the podcast and the show ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LESBIAN SEX.

Oh, in the meantime, if you want to see me, I'll be in NYC premiering my last show I AM ENOUGH on Theatre Row!  Oct 16 2015. Buy Tickets Here.  See you soon!

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