a poem dedicated to everyone effected by the Pulse Shooting


One person gunned down 50

One person left hundreds in tears

One person struck a blow to the nation

One person struck fear into the LGBTQ community

One person caused so much havoc







One person briefly became the boss of all of us

And then soon became the target of all of us

One person caught the world’s attention

In taking a terrifying action

One person tried to divide us

But we are One united 

And One divided by One is still One

We can not be divided by this one person

We can not be lessened

We can not be struck dumb or senseless

We can not be weakened by this one person

One tries to divide One

We Still Come Out As One


Still there is some curiosity about this one person

What kind of a human

What kind of man

What kind of Muslim

What kind of American

Could perpetrate this heinous crime — 

And there are stories that he was a closeted gay man

That he frequented gay dating sites

That he was seen at the Pulse nightclub


Does this change the narrative?

Does it make him more of a relative?

Does it make him more sympathetic?

Does it make all of this even more tragic?


One possibly deeply closeted

Muslim-American gay man

Raised by homophobia and self-hate

Targeted and killed 50 of his estranged cousins,

Cousins who he never met

Never marched alongside

Never celebrated with

Never loved

Never felt loved by


Fifty innocents

Cut down by self-hate driven violence


Is that the narrative?


I don’t know.

We might never know for sure,

But I assure you there is one thing I do know


There are more disturbed people in our midst

Who need support and guidance

Who are hungering to belong

Who are attracted to whomever sings the easiest song


So, let’s live by an easy song

Let’s attact as many from wrong to right

From darkness to light

Let us sing


All we are saying
Is Give Peace a Chance


Outer peace, yes

But inner, too

Peace through and through


One person

One family

One political party

One group

One organization

One nation

Can not divide us

for We Are One


And One divided by One

will always 



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