P'burgh -- Gay Lesbian Community Center

Last night's show was for a small, but mighty group of LGBTQ folks who weathered the cold and the rain to see the show -- many of them taking long bus rides to get to the venue.  I was super honored when one audience member came in and told me that she had  come straight from work because the GLCC organizer had told her that seeing I AM ENOUGH was more important than anything else she could be doing that night.  (The other contender was pole dancing!)  It was super cool that she was there. 

This was our first stop, so we had to figure out what all needed to come out of the minivan that we're in and where to park and how to get inside.  The great folks at GLCC were super helpful, especially Beans and Alex and Joe who helped us carry the huge amount of stuff that we have for this show (between merch and the show gear, it takes three people five trips).  ((Fortunately, we got a collapsible hand truck to cary gear and merch more efficiently - Yay Home Depot!)) After getting ready in the unisex bathroom, I ate a little something and then, hit the boards.

Since it was such a small audience, I could really have one on one contact with the audience.  I dunno if they liked that, but I had a blast, getting into the seats of the audience and talking right to the people taking me in.  It was super fun.  And they were a mighty crowd.  This is not an easy show to take in - and then when there are just a few of you and nowhere to hide, it's even more challenging.  But they stayed with me for the entire time.  It was so great.  It was an awesome kick off to the tour.  And, not incidentally, this is the venue that we kicked off OUTwordlyFabulous, my last tour.  It was a good feeling to be back.  And I'm looking forward to going back again.

The audience at GLCC - minus a few who had to catch a bus before we took the picture.  

Now we're on the way to Cleveland for a show tonight!  I'm feeling so much gratitude for all the hard work of Sarah, Syd and Kristen who help(ed) to make this dream tour come true.  I am so thankful to them and to all the donors who helped with finances and with getting the word out.  This is a truly fortunate tour and it is so important that we do this work.  I almost can't believe we're actually doing this.  It's been in the works since the beginning of Oct 2014.  What an almost overwhelming dream come true.




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  • PFLAG Collingswood
    PFLAG Collingswood
    We are cheering you on from New Jersey!!! Go Pandora!!!!

    We are cheering you on from New Jersey!!! Go Pandora!!!!

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