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Well, we did it!  We premiered HOMO!sapienism: Learning to Mind Our LGBTQs version TWO at Bradley Hall Theatre on Rutgers-Newark campus.  It was for a small crowd - maybe 20 people - but they were super appreciative and seemed to really dig the show.  I had a blast performing - it was super fun.  I did learn a few things:

a) Don't get to the theatre too early.  As much as I wanted to get there super early to make sure I could take my time getting ready, I got there too early and zapped my energy before I got on stage.  This wasn't terrible.  It wasn't like I tanked the show because of low energy, but had I had about 90 minutes less time at the theatre, in my dressing room, I probably would have done better.  Note for later.

b) I am so used to performing for audiences that I can see (I normally perform in pride centers, libraries, and spaces with no theatrical lighting) that NOT being able to see the audience tripped me up.  I had no idea if they were with me or not with me -- I could hear some sounds of agreement and snaps and definitely the laughs, but the rest of it was just silence. It was pretty difficult to perform that way on the one hand.  On the OTHER hand it was SUCH a relief to not be tethered to the moment-to-moment behavior of the audience.  That part of performing in the theatrical lighting was really relieving and made the show go by much faster.

c) Figure out who's doing the marketing for the show and make sure they have the information they need for it.  Up til now, I'm just assumed that universities will do whatever marketing they need to do to get the students to the show.  After all, they're paying for the show, it figures that they would want as many students to see it.  There was practically no marketing done for this show and I don't know why that was.  I was ok with the folks who were there -- that was great.  But the fact that there were only 20 people in a house for 140 was a little embarrassing -- I got apologies from a bunch of Rutgers folks, none of whom were the people in charge of the marketing.  Not sure what happened, but will make sure to let folks know how to market my shows in the future.

All in all, a real success.  The rehearsal process was good, productive -- I knew the show -- I know the show, now!  And that's a great thing.  Now to get to work on re-mounting I AM ENOUGH for my NYC premiere of that show on Wed, Oct 14th.  Here we go...

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