Well, last night I didn't have a show, so we just spent the evening working in our hotel room - me with press releases and booking venues for the second half of the tour and Kristen with logistics and liaising with all the upcoming venues.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into this tour -- Kristen has to figure out where we're going, how long it takes to get there, where we unload, where we park, get us there, set everything up and then sell merch and answer questions --PLUS there's always some extra paper work that comes up that she has to take care of.  And then when the show is over, she has pack up, load up, find the hotel, get us checked in...her work never ends.

Last night we took advantage of the hot plate we brought with us and had dinner in the hotel room.  I had celery sticks dipped in alouette cheese (yum!), creamy chicken soup and chicken salad on triscuits.  Then I boiled up a whole bunch of eggs to eat on the road.  I did have a run in with my new salt grinder.  I thought it was broken 'cause when I turned the grinder part, it didn't grind.  Then this morning I read the instructions, "Turn over. Grind salt."  So then I turned it over and it worked great.  Oops.

This is what our path looks like so far: 

Tonight's show is for Kaleidoscope Youth Center, -- they got a space over at Ohio State University for the show and so we're going to be over there for the evening.  It should be a really great night.

Kristen is over there now, dropping off our gear ahead of time since things might be a bit chaotic on campus later on and anyone who has spent any time trying to find some building in the middle of any kind of University campus knows how hard and how much time that can take.

This tour is so different from the last one.  I didn't anticipate the difficulty of getting around in the snow and rain and sleet.  (Last tour was in June.)  I think I thought that nowhere besides the East Coast gets snow, ice etc.  Cleveland wad 3 degrees when we left.  To get to some of the venues or the hotels we have to wade through slush or slide over ice.  It's crazy.  Very much looking forward to the SW and the West coast!  

Speaking of the West coast, Las Vegas cancelled on us.  Turned out the folks working out the details with us were doing so without management buy-in and when they had to get approval, they got shot down.  Sigh.  I'm sad. I want to go to Nevada some kind of way.  Gotta figure that out today.

Well, I've got a load of stuff to get done: booking and more booking.  Wish me luck.  Oh, and I have to write out a tour list.  Everyone's asking for one.




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