Soft Vengeance

Soft Vengeance 

You may not be in jail

Castrated, in physical pain

Suffering under the tyranny of bullies who use you as you used me.

No, you may be quote/unquote: free.

But underneath, you are imprisoned

In unhappiness

In solitude

In desperate loneliness

In being unloved.

You are stuck in your rut and all your tut tuts are impotent

As you try to parent 

In your draconian manner - 

You natter on and on about whatever you think are your values

While what you have to lose is right in front of you -

Being lost in your quote/unquote: wisdom

And she will know freedom

And she will know happiness

And she will know success

And she will know romantic love

And she will rise above

You and your petty ways of thinking

Because of me and my way of thinking

And while you are sinking into your mire

She will rise

As I will rise, too.

Yes, despite your infuriating attempts to clip our wings,

We will fly -

Despite you -

To spite you?  No...  But in spite of you.

And as I'm soaring through the sky

And I see her soaring by me

Clear, Open, Fulfilled and Free

I will smile lightly.



will be


soft vengeance.


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