Taboo Taboo

I love taboo topics.  

  • How Black people still haven’t gotten their civil rights, and we’re acting all surprised about Fergeson, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland. 
  • How people with privilege never talk about having privilege. But people without it, can’t stop talking about it.
  • Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bi-Polar, DID and the drug companies that make $ off them.
  • Prison rape - is not a joke. “Drop the soap.”  Not funny.  Not a whit.
  • How we accept some people as fat and others not. Like men and funny women can be fat.
  • How capitalism is creating sociopaths in our culture.
  • Why one part of the Gay community completely ignores other parts of the gay community.

You know why I love taboo topics?  Because that’s when you really get to see what stuff people are made on.  I think my ultimate test for whether someone can be a friend of mine is how they handle conversations about tabboo topics.  Of course, everyone’s tabboo topic is different,  Some people wouldn’t give two shits about the race issues I brought up, but the gay issue would be an entirely different story.

Confronting taboo topics is a way to make change happen.  It’s like how I go into therapy and more often than not, I say to my therapist, “The thing I LEAST want to talk about right now is how terrible I feel about my career.”  And that breaks the ice and she asks, “Well what makes you feel terrible about it?” And I start talking.

I start talking.

Let’s get dialogues GOING about all of these issues and more.  We have SUCH A BACK LOG of topics we need to talk about in this country - as a country - but also in our different communities.  Starting with what the Baby Boom did to the country, to how technology has reshaped our lives and like how how we’re still not healed from 9/11?  We’re not. You can tell because of all the Islamophobia there is in the country and simultaneously, a complete unwillingness to confront our fears and pain from that event.

This is why I do my shows.  This is why I perform.  To open up the avenues for discussion.  To bring to light that which has been in the dark.  And I do it with respect to the fact that many many people would prefer that I leave it be.  Leave it alone.  But this is not in my nature.  I was us to talk.  On a deep level.  With each other.

We must talk more.

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