Texas State University -

So, we spent the day yesterday in Austin - just getting some errands done and then having a vegetarian lunch and THEN going to AMY's ICE CREAMS on Lamar, no 6th Street, and having some amazing pizza.  No, just kidding.  Having some awesome ice cream.  It was a blast.  And Kristen loved the ice cream.  Then we had to head back to the hotel because a package had arrived after we checked out.  Then hit the road for San Marcos - a 30 minute drive.  

s2.5 hours later, we're just approaching TSU.  It's a campus, right, so nothing has street addresses, we got totally lost.  RiDICKulous.  And then we found our way to the LAMBDA President, Marissa who led us to a parking deck that was - no joke - about 12 minutes walk plus tons of stairs away from the building where I was performing.  As soon as we arrived, Joseph, the Student Assistant, showed up and told us there was loading dock much closer! Yay!  Kristen went to move the van and bring our stuff in and then I went to get ready.

To the right is one of the ads they made for the show.  It's wild to me to see all those different images in a composite - they're from about a 10year span.  Love it.  Apparently, I gesture a lot. Who knew?  lol.

The show was good -- I skipped some parts by accident, but they might have been happy accidents.  Who knows.  We'll see if they stick.  The LAMBDA group members gave me a thank you card which is so awesome.  Look-a-here:

Such a cool card.  And then, after the show, they were lined up at the merch table not to buy 'I am Enough" stuff, but A to Z tees!  They saw that video on YouTube and were really excited by it.  So, they also asked me back to perform HOMO-sapienism in October for their Pride week.  Yay!

Finally, we woke up this morning, I Skyped with my food therapist (regular brain/feelings therapy is continuing on video chat weekly) after eating one of these:


You know everything's bigger in Texas, so this waffle was actually like a foot wide!  I could only eat over to Austin and up to Dallas. Ha!  

Oh!  We've booked another venue in TX -- in Carrollton, TX - a youth group called GALA YOUTH NORTH TEXAS.  So today is TX, tomorrow and Sat are OK, Sun is TX, and Mon is KS.  Kristen kept saying, "I'm going to kill you" as I was booking this new spot.  She said she was just kidding.  I know it's a lot.  But when else will I have a chance to meet LGBTQ Youth from North Texas?  For real.

Before I forget: here's the group shot from TSU:

Thank you, LAMBDA!!!






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