TGRC - Transgender Resource Center at the Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice

Yesterday began well - `I got up, had breakfast (a waffle...I never liked waffles to begin with and now I like them even less! lol. But a free breakfast, is a free breakfast.) -- Worked out, showered and then started on making boxes.  We only had about 16 left and I had no idea how many we'd need today, so I proceeded to create a factory line for the 

boxes.  Somewhere back in Missouri or Kansas, I had ordered about 500 2x2x2 boxes.  They arrived and this is what they look like in the box before they're made.

Then, I put them together and line them up to put the SECRET NOT TO Be DIVULGED inside of them, close them up and tape them up.  This is what the lines look like:

So then when they're all done, I mix them up so that no one gets the same tape after another person and this is what the pile looks like:

And then I put them in the gift bags and they go in a big orange tub and off to the show we go.

We arrived at the Center at 3::00pm...

- an hour before show time, as usual. one was there.  Kristen made some phone calls and it turned out that there was a miscommunication -- so we had all our stuff at the door for 40 min waiting to be let in.  In the meantime, we took photos of the gorgeous mural on the side of thePeace & Justice Center:  And up the street 

were some really cool shops and a cafe that based all the names of their sandwiches on phrases related to smoking marijuana. I totally didn't get most of them, but the kids hanging out there certainly seemed to understand.

Then the person arrived to let us in and Kristen and I hauled ass to get everything set up in time.  We were ready at 4::08 (eight minutes past when I was supposed to start.  But there were only three 

people there - all adults.  I went up to them and asked if they wanted me to do the show for them or wait for some youth.  They said that they didn't think any

more people were coming and that I should probably start.  I asked them if they had a time limit (because one had said he had to leave at 4:20 --). That was confirmed and then another said she had to go at 5:00 pm - "How long is your show?" I told them 70 minutes.  They seemed to feel stuck.  They asked me if I wanted to do the show for just three people, I said, "Sure!" And then I offered them an abbreviated version.  They were excited about that.  So, I proceeded to do the show, editing and skipping parts as I went. And came in just a shade under 45 minutes.  That's 25 minutes I cut out of the show. Of course, I was speeding and totally lost some key points.  But they seemed to enjoy it.  Asked me 

back when they'd be able to get some other people there to see it.  And everything turned out great in the end.  Here were the lovely three people I performed for. --- After the show they were talking about the bully in the brain part and how resonant that is with them and how just saying "I am Enough" is so tough.  It was a really impactful show for being a short one.

This day began well and ended well.  I'm so glad we came to Albuquerque.  Next time I'll try not to come when the World Women's Spoken Word competition is in town. LOL!

Happy Day!



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