The BAMists


I just finished watching the Repbulican Debate from last night and I have to say, “Wow, was that a non-starter.”  The only reason I’m even writing about it is because I think it’s super important that we know what we’re up against.  How the Republican Candidates are painting Hillary Clinton and what they’re saying about Obama and his administration.  

Based on listening to the debate, it seems that we have to be prepared for attacks with regard to Obamacare (no surprise), the Iran agreement (no surprise), minimum wage increases, a woman’s right to choose, the SCOTUS decision in favor of gay marriage, amnesty for illegal immigrants, etc…etc… 

“But, Pandora, this is the same old song…we know the Republicans are going to attack us on these issues, what else is new?”

What’s new is that Republicans are pissed.  Chris Christie pulled a very theatrical move in his introduction telling the director of the debate to focus the cameras on the audience instead of him, because “This election is not about me, it’s about you.  How many of you, by show of hands, feel your children will be better off in an Obama America?”  No one raised their hand.  Not surprisingly, of course, they were all invited there by Nancy Reagan and the Reagan Library.  But still, it painted a very stark view of what we’re up against.  Angry, vindictive, sore-losing Republicans.  Republicans who are pissed as hell that they’ve had a black President for 6.5 years who has embraced illegal immigrants, supported gay rights, spent money on education - oh, and did I mention he is black?  Yeah.  

Not that I’m saying that all Republicans are racist.  They’re not.  But they are Obama-ists (Or “Bamists” as I like to call them).  And Hilary Clinton is an Bamist, too.  And we’ve got to try and turn these Bamists around or influence the democrats who have become complacent during these past eight years to remember how pissed THEY were when W. was in office.  How we had to have a whole tv show dedicated to Righteous Liberalism in the White House (The West Wing) in order to grapple with our denial of W.. 

I know for some of you, it’s early in the game for getting involved.  But the earlier we start talking about how to engage every single last organic food eatin’, minimum wage earnin’, 2-job holdin’, granola eatin’, liberal black, brown, white person to register to vote and then to vote, the better off we will be.  Hell, if HALF of us who actually vote brought 3 people to register and then brought them to vote, we’d beat the Republicans in a landslide.  

I don’t want to demonize the Republicans.  I just want to be clear that I don’t think any of them have the majority of American’s welfare in mind with their proposed policies and laws.  I think they’re big-talkin’ and small-listenin’.  We need to stay the course.  We need a democrat/liberal in the White House in 2016.

(p.s. Just to keep myself interested while listening to the debate, I played a little informal bingo.  Every time a candidate said one of the following words, I marked it down.  Here are the results:)






















Family Values


Health Care/Obamacare


















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