The Game of Trump

I'm sure you're sick of the Game of Trump that's going on in the media this week - this month.  Trump wins seven states on Super Tuesday.  Now they're naming today "Bloody Thursday" because both John McCain and more scathingly, Mitt Romney, have come out to endorse "anybody but Trump."  Republicans seem to be freaking out while the Democrats are quietly attracting as little attention as possible.  

I'd like to say that there is no question in my mind that an untrained monkey could beat Trump in a general election.  I'd like to say it. But I wouldn't believe it and worse, it would make us complacent about the possibility of a Trump win.  No, now is the time we need to be vigilant, we need to stay informed, we need to throw our weight and our support behind one candidate who can get to the task of taking down Trump.

That candidate - the person who has already started the Herculean task of taking on the Trump-meister - is Clinton.  In all that I've listened to of Sanders, he doesn't have the aggression, the ambition, the drive, the sheer audacity to take down Trump.  For everything that you may hate about Clinton, she definitely knows how to aikido an opponent.  And I have every confidence that she will do e v e r t y t h i n g in her power, shady AND above board to take him down.  And this is what we need to happen.  Not just so wins the White House but so that Trump doesn't get close.

I, for one, am not relying on the Republicans - a party of White Supremicists, Neo-Nazi's, the super duper Rich and Privileged, and mostly uneducated people - to stop the Trump Machine.  Sure, Mitt said some nasty things today, but who listens to Mitt Romney?  Certainly not those who are following Trump.  And these Americans LOVE an underdog.  And while Trump is about as far from being an underdog as I am close to being a billionaire, Trump's lack of political experience and the ire he engenders in people, might make him MORE appealing, as a kind of dark horse.

What I would love to see is for the Republican Primary to go all the way to the convention and then have those delegates and super delegates rip that nomination out from underneath Trump and hand it to - oh, I don't know - maybe Mark Rubio?  maybe Ted Cruz?  Definitely not Kasich, because that man is like John McCain, he makes too much sense to me and that scares me.  Yeah, have the delegates hand it to Ted Cruz.  Clinton will crucify him, too.

Or, while they're praying to their God, to help them out of this mess, maybe they could resurrect oft-hailed Abe Lincoln to run for office.  At least he might have felt that #blacklivesmatter. (vs. the Trump supporters who are shoving and calling out derogatory names to Black protesters, seemingly at Trump's behest.)

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