The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex: Devirginized!

Ok, so I know I did a blog post on virginity and what it means and if it exists.  Here, I'm using 'devirginized' to mean 'let out into the real world' or 'uncorked.'

So, last night I read my new show The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex to a small audience and it was a success!  I've been rehearsing it all week (yes, while I've been on vacation) and I was able to shape it enough to make it sound like something.  It was super fun to perform/read and it came in at under 1 hour 30 minutes, so that's awesome!  I'm really excited to start working on it and rehearsing and getting it up.  GETTING IT UP!

One thing that I realized last night was how vulnerable it feels to read a new show like this in front of people I don't know that well.  I mean, my friend Ryan was one of the audience members, but it just wasn't the same with other people there and having to act 'normal' after the reading, like I wasn't freaking out about their responses and about my performance and about how much fun that just was and about wanting to jump in and get moving with it.  Fuck the socializing, I wanted to work.  I ended up writing last night after the reading - I wrote 8 pages of my newest play about group therapy called GROUP: How I Learned to Like People.  It was super cathartic to write after that experience of performing the new play.  Funny.

This is all part of the artistic process.  My artistic process, which continues to grow and develop and I continue to learn about it and learn how to honor it.  It's difficult.  It means taking myself seriously and sometimes I have a hard time doing that.  But I want to.  So I will.  Yeah.  Definitely.

Thanks for reading.

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