Utter Fail!

I am dealing with mental health.  My mental health.  The mental health of my kid.  And of my friend.  And between the health insurance issues and the medication issues and the psychiatrist issues and the lack of comprehension and respect for patients all around, I am about to lose my mind.  This is mostly going to be a rant.

About 2 weeks ago, my friend got into some hot water and ended up going in-patient at a "mental health and drug treatment" center in FLORIDA (he lives in NJ).  This facility is so gung-ho to have patients that they will fly patients into their facility in Miami from wherever in the US to be in residence there -- clue #1 that this is NOT a mental health institution, it is a mental health CORPORATION which is part of the mental health INDUSTRY.

Upon getting to the facility, my friend, let's call him John, was stripped of his lap top, phone and any internet privileges (not surprising, but! -- something he was told over the phone was NOT going to happen when he went there) and placed on a 24 hour watch (pretty normal).  When he was released from the watch he was not given any method for contacting anyone on the outside - nor was he given any way for anyone on the outside to contact him.  No phone lines, no pay phones, nothing, nada.

The only way I have to contact him is by calling or emailing his social worker and hoping that she has the time/wherewithal to get the message to John.  

THEN, they put John on meds without any interview, meeting, observation by a psychiatrist who, apparently, prescribed the meds over the phone from a cruise she was on.  Uh-huh.  Really builds up a kind of hurling resentment towards these folks.  The meds, not surprisingly didn't take well and after five days, I was able to convince him to go off of them.  Only once he had gone off the meds, did he get a meeting with the pshrink who told him that if he was non-compliant with the meds, she didn't know if the Insurance would pay for his stay there.  What?!?!?!?!

Then this morning, completely against John's wishes, he got a message from his Dean at his college that he was being withdrawn from all his classes.  He had specifically told his counselor, who was the one who told the Dean to withdraw him, that he wanted to stay in the classes and receive an accommodation so he can finish the classes once he gets back from in-patient.  OY FUCKING VEY.

Could fewer people be doing less in completely disrespecting this person who is in need and is going through a hellacious time trying to get better?

If anyone mentions sending you or someone you know to the Holistic Recovery Center in Miami, FL - or wherever they have their other franchises/branches, say NO and run screaming in the opposite direction.  Definitely, if you need mental health help, the Women's Center and other programs at Princeton House is excellent (personal experience) and Summit Oaks is pretty decent, too, as far as in-patient institutions go.

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