WAMP Women's Art & Music Performance series

Music & Art by Women for Women
WAMP, the Women's Art and Music Performance series, just finished it's first season at The Pride Center of NJ.  The season went really great.  Opening with Antara from Vermont and moving through to Pat Daddona from Rhode Island, with Mindy Schmitt and Lynn Rosenthal in the middle there.  We had stand up comedy of Joanne Finlan and political rantings of Sherr Rase and spoken word of Zaneta Rago.  And artwork!  We had artists Tegan James, Allie MB and Sherr Rase come share their artwork with us.  Elements of Pride was the vendor this season and all and all it was a really great first year.

 WAMP is dedicated to making a space for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women artists to perform for a women-identified crowd.  It's the outgrowth of the Women's Coffeehouse series which went on at the center for years but lots momentum a few years ago.  Now it's been reconceived into a Concert Series and we had crowds of up to 40 this season.  It's been a good year and we're looking forward to next season. (Mindy Schmitt pictured right)

If you're a lesbian, bisexual or trangender woman-identified artist or musician and you would like to get involved, contact me at pandora@pandorascooter.com

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