What the Heck Do I Do When the Audience Doesn't Show?

It was 6:24 and I got a text from Kristen, who was setting up merch upstairs from where my dressing room on Weber University's Shepard Union.  The text read, "There's no one here yet. Just so u know."  I sighed. Hm. No one here six minutes before showtime.  Maybe folks are lost on campus, or students show up late.  I put the finishing touches on my make up and made my way upstairs to the space where I was to perform. (Or, wasn't to perform...).  I talked to the rep from the venue and he was so frustrated -- 29 people had RSVP'd on their website and he was calling them to find out where they were.  

Some had come down to the show the night before in Salt Lake, not realizing that they were RSVP'ing for the same event in two different spots/dates - though that would kind of indicate that then they would  have shown up for the one in Ogden.  Hm.  Others just didn't really have a reason for not showing up.  The rep offered that I could do the show for him - which was super cool of him.  After sitting on stage with all the stuff set up, ready to go -- I realized that I did really want to do the show.  So, I told him and Kristen was that I was going to do a run through - it might take way less than 60 minutes because there were really just a few things I want to work out.  

So, I rehearsed.  I worked out some parts that had been bothering me for a while.  I went over the songs a few times and some of the parts - like the one with the knife - and worked out some kinks.  All in all, it only took about 25 minutes. but it was a good rehearsal and a good release for the energy I had built up in order to do the show.

Packing up my gear and getting out of costume and wending my way to the van, I felt tired like I had performed.  I forgot how exhausting rehearsing alone is.  'Cause I'm performing and I'm watching what I'm doing at the same time and it's a lot of intellectual and emotional energy.

Got off the campus and back to the hotel where I had a lovely conversation with a new friend.

Now we're driving through Wyoming. It's beautiful.  Keeping in mind remembrances of Matthew Shepard.




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