Wrap a Bow On It

How does one wrap a bow around a tour and call it done?  Find closure after six months of work?  Summarize/deduce/make conclusions about 19 months of toiling, developing, fixating, dedicating?  There are so many angles to this project: the artistic inspiration, the social justice cause, the finances, the awareness, the organizing, the management, the touring, each venue, the youth reached, the grown ups reached, the dynamic between me and Kristen, the youth not reached.  Writing about all of this could result in a short 300 page book.

And while I might revel in analyzing all the aspects of this tour, suffice to say:




Thankful to everyone - from my assistants who helped book the gigs, to the donors on IndieGoGo, to the youth who came to the shows, to the venue organizers who make it happen, to Kristen who was a wholly dedicated Tour/Merch Manager, to the donors who donated off line and/or in person, to the hotel staff who provided us with refrigerators and late check in/outs, to my kid for her sacrifice, and my mom and my ex-husband for stepping up and taking care of my kid in my absence.  And to Cedric who helped me stay sane in the road and shaped the show in so many ways.  And to my friends who kept me company on the road and reminded me why I was doing this.  To the dozens of people who would like or comment on the Facebook photos and posts: thank you for taking the time to let me know you were watching out.  That meant a ton to me.  To Facebook for making it easy to stay in touch.  To my Mac which held a charge even during the longest rides.  Thanks to all the lodging situations that provided Kristen and me with separate sleeping quarters (bc of my snoring).  Thanks to United and US Airways for being on time during my 36 hour trip back East for my kid’s 16th. 

We arrived at my house at 2:30 pm on Sunday, May 3rd - four days earlier than planned - to an excited welcoming committee of my mom, my kid and a good friend of Kristen and mine.  We made it.

12,500 miles

For 61 days

Went through 21 states

Performed 29 shows

For 312 youth

Plus about 85 grown ups

I’m thankful for every mile, every youth, every show, every adult, every day of this epic journey.


Thanks to you for your support - whether emotional, practical, financial or psychological.  You helped make this tour a success.  


And now, after a short break (during which I'll send out the perks), I’ll pick up and continue on my journey to bring positive, constructive, loving messages to LGBTQ youth and whoever else wants to listen.



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