a poem dedicated to everyone effected by the Pulse Shooting


One person gunned down 50

One person left hundreds in tears

One person struck a blow to the nation

One person struck fear into the LGBTQ community

One person…


To Grieve Perchance to Heal

On this day

And for all the tomorrows to come

May we remember, honor, celebrate the lives lost

at Pulse nightclub

in Orlando, Florida

June 12th, in the wee hours of the night


These innocents committed no crime

They crossed…


Hillary Clinton

In 2008, my mother argued with me, ever so subtly, about my choice to back Obama.  She said Hillary had proven herself and was more experienced.  Barack Obama had only been in the Senate for 3 years at that point…


Pride starring Robin!

Yesterday was Pride in Asbury Park.  For the first time, I marched in the parade - with the Pride Center of NJ.  It was super fun - way more fun than I thought it was going to be - to…


Boundaries: Do You Have Them?

There's a ton of talk these days about boundaries.  Mostly about family members having "bad" or "no" boundaries with each other.  These issues come up when one party decides to try and manipulate another party into doing something they don't…

Good Hair

This weekend my girlfriend asked if she could straighten my hair.  I've never had anyone straighten my hair before - well, actually, once this hair stylist straightened my hair, but it just looked awful.  One big frizzy mess.  It was…


10:00 PM My Response to You

You asked me if this is the beginning of the end

The end of what started off as friends with no strings attached

With no freak attacks of anxiety by either party

And whether the feelings you were feeling that…


There is currently a war being waged over who gets to use which bathroom across these United States.  Now, I'm sure it will surprise no one that I believe anyone should be able to use any damn bathroom they want



On Saturday, I was honored to be the host for the 'Trans-Action Open Mic' fundraiser, to support a dear friend's top surgery.  More than 50 people came out to the event, there were about 23 people on the open mic…



Respect seems to be a difficult concept for many people.  I hear all the time about people being disrespected by their parents, spouses, relatives, friends and when I point out that they were disrespected the response I get is, "Oh…


I Don't Know

The three most courageous words to say in the English language are "I don't know."

In our wiki-based, google-centric, know-it-all culture, being able to admit that you don't know something is not only brave, it shows strength of character and…