10:00 PM My Response to You

You asked me if this is the beginning of the end

The end of what started off as friends with no strings attached

With no freak attacks of anxiety by either party

And whether the feelings you were feeling that you couldn't name

You could blame

On us being at the beginning of the end

Of us.

You asked me this and thus I felt the obligation, the inspiration to fuss over that question

I should mention that I have no crystal ball, my palm reading is limited and I have no tea leaves

So that leaves me with my intuition and my perspective 

to put to this question of our respective futures in this relationship

And I gotta say...

I don't know what the beginning of the end looks like, don't flip

It could look like this or something quite different

But what I can say, most definitively, is that I am not at all indifferent to this question

It has sat in my gut alllllll day giving me indigestion

And I feel very secure in saying this: that were this the beginning of the end, my dear girlfriend

Your question would not be bothering me so intensely or maybe even ever so slightly.

I think the fact that I care so much about us staying in touch with each other

Is a testament to the fact that I am at the beginning of no ending

I am still in the beginning of the beginning

Lest you forget that I'm not looking to get comfortable

Or to get used to you

Or to take you for granted

Or to - what - treat you with any less respect than you deserve.

Serve me "l'amuse" please, 'cause I haven't even gotten to appetizers yet 

I'm not looking over entrees

And I certainly couldn't care less about dessert...

So no, we're not at the beginning of the end here

I'm thinking it's going to take a good couple or three decades to get there -

And that's just to get to the beginning of what could be some kind of end

Which could be the beginning of another kind of beginning

As we recommit ourselves to each other 

Day by Day

Week by Week

Month by Month

Year by Year

My, oh, my how these sound like vows.

You my dear one, you keep with your worries

It's good. They keep me on my feet.

And when you get comfortable

We'll know we've hit a spot so sweet.


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