I am available for coaching sessions in playwriting, script analysis and acting.  For more information, contact me through this site or at pandora [at] to schedule a free consultation and get more information.

Playwriting/Solo Show writing

Coaching playwriting is mostly about taking myself out of the equation to help the playwright write the play they are trying to write (vs. the play I think they should write).  I use my three decades of script analysis experience to help break apart the play and help the playwright identify what they have written.  I believe in asking playwrights questions about their intentions instead of drawing conclusions about their choices.  I start every playwright session by discussing my impressions about the overall story and message(s) of the play.

Script Analysis 
Leave the guesswork out of script analysis!  Come learn the original Bunseki Method of Practical Script Analysis for Actors.  For thirty years, I have developed this hands-on, practical methodology to script analysis.  Developed while teaching at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rider & Drew Universities, and the Maggie Flanigan Studio, the Bunseki Method provides actors with a step-by-step approach to working on scripts that produces precise and accurate performances.  And even better yet, it makes acting free and clear of overthinking.
Coaching acting is all about finding the right language to use with the actor.  I coach actors for auditions, performances or for classwork.  I have been trained in both Meisner and Strasberg.  I look for ways to breakdown the text into clear tactics and actions so that it is easily accessible for the actor.