I take inspiration from Caryl Churchill, Christopher Durang, David Mamet, Luigi Pirandello, Suzan Lori Parks and Tennessee Williams.  I have been writing plays for most of my life.  Here is a  list of some of my writing.

SVD (3w, 2m, 70 minutes) - a mental health romp

Leonora Muse keeps winning Tonys and Oscars, but every time she does, she has a nervous breakdown.  Stuck in a psych hospital for the third time, she tries to figure out why this keeps happening to her.  Travel through Leonora's stream of consciousness exploration of her relationship to “surprise validation” and why it upsets her so much to win.

Canceled (4w, 1m, 90 minutes)

May Wheeler is a famous playwright who spends her time on Facebook writing problematic posts.  Last night May posted something incendiary about feminists.  May wakes up to her cell buzzing, her laptop dinging, her fax whirring, her front door being busted down by her daughter and her landline ringing off the hook from her agent and producers who demand she retract what she wrote or else they pull the plug on her new production.  Will May retract to save her career?

#UsToo (4w, 4m, 75 minutes) - a modern morality tale

Four Hollywood couples gather for a house warming party.  As they sit down to eat, the guests and hosts receive news that a colleague of theirs has been accused of sexual assault.  The host, Jack, insists that this shouldn’t ruin their evening since none of them knew anything about the accused’s true actions.  Quickly, Jack’s guests and then his wife, Jillian, reveal that they knew of the colleague’s criminal behavior.  Jack is faced with a major question of how to proceed in the midst of people he sees as colluders. 

Annotation (5w, 75 minutes) - a serio-comic/surrealist play

A playwright struggles to write a draft of her play about milestones in her life when her internal editor and the characters she's created fight back.  Will she be able to finish the draft and will it be any good? (2 Bi-racial woman, 1 Asian woman, 1 White woman, 1 non-white woman)

The Gay Anthem (2w, 3m, 95 minutes) - a play with music

Rett, a lyricist, ropes her composer partner, Chevy, into writing the gay anthem to unite the entire gay community for Stonewall's 50th Anniversary.  But something is very different about this project - it's personal for Rett.  Why is she so driven to write this anthem and what will she learn about herself by doing so?  Ultimately, Rett and Chevy write a great anthem, get chosen by Stonewall to represent the community and Rett finally feels acceptance. (1 non-white woman, 1 white woman, 1 Latino/Black male, 1 White male, 1 Black male)

FOY (2w, 1m, 80 minutes) - a crime thriller

May Hankin, head of Hankin Studios, is having anxiety attacks.  She goes to Patricia O'Connor for therapy, which she doesn't seem to really need.  Patricia confides in her therapist, Jack Kaplan, about the struggles she's having with May.  As Pat attempts to maintain her boundaries with Jack and May, they do all they can to corrupt her ethics, using her as a pawn in their epic battle against each other.  Ultimately, May comes out on top.  But what was Jack's great crime?  (3 white actors)

wRETCH (7w, 80 minutes) - a punk riot grrrl musical

Pan, lead singer of wRETCH, has a secret that has put her over the edge.  Tonight, she's going to kill herself, but not after giving one last amazing performance with her bandmates, who figure out what she's up to and do everything to stop her. (7 actors of any ethnicity)



Selfish (70 minutes) - What happens when five of the US's funniest women come together to compete for "Funniest Woman of the Year?"  Come meet angry dyke Marl Jax, Southern belle, Mama Mia Baker, intellectual comic Liz Lerner, sloppy ditz Candy Cash and everybody's favorite harmless lesbian comic Annie Johnson as they battle it out with wit, insight and some serious subterfuge.  Things might not go so smoothly as the National Comic's Association hopes with these five tornados on stage!  

HOMOsapienism (60 minutes) - Pandora's coming out story in 11 spoken word pieces all strung together with funny anecdotes and a little bit of audience participation.

Samuraization (70 minutes) - What happens when a crazy solo show about marrying yourself goes awry?  Pandora takes us on a tour of insecurity and self-doubt, which leads to visits from Yukio Mishima, her junior high school drama teacher, and her Japanese Grandma.  Everything ends all right after the audience plays funeral with Pandora and she disappears.

I AM ENOUGH (60 minutes) Pan is struggling with the demons in her mind that are telling her to commit suicide.  Through poetry, monologue and spoken word, Pandora shows audiences how she went from self-hating to self-loving and saved her very own life in the process.

OUTwordlyFabulous (60 minutes) Come visit with 12 characters including bullies, kids, day care teachers, old ladies, moms, bystanders and more, as they explore the issue of bullying and how to put an end to it.