Writing Prompts

Feeling stuck with your writing?  Need some writing prompts?  Here are some that I use to keep me writing.  Some of these are good for starting off and others are good for continuing something that's already started.

  • Write the one thing you absolutely know you should not write about.
  • Write exactly what is going on in  your head, verbatim until you find something you can start riffing on.
  • Write about the day after your death.
  • Write about a day-in-the-life of a child you had 10 years ago.
  • Write out the description of your favorite celebrity's funeral (including your role in it, or not)
  • Write a list of people you want to meet and the main idea of what you would want to say to them.
  • Describe one of those meetings or more in detail.
  • Write the thing you absolutely think is the wrong thing to write at this point.
  • Write a day in your life (like a diary entry or a narrative) when you're 70.
  • Write your thought process during your birth.
  • Write the inner thoughts of a celebrity at her or his birth.
  • Write the conversation you would have with yourself when you were eight years old.
  • Write about the things you would want to tell your great grand parents - stuff about their sons and daughters, stuff about how their choices impacted you, stuff about the world today.
  • Write a conversation between two people who are diametrically opposed on some social justice issue that you're passionate about.
  • Write the next scene or a missing scene from a favorite film or novel or of history that you want to see come to life.
  • Write nonsense.

Pick one and see how far it takes you.  Maybe it takes you all the way into a project.  Maybe it stops after a few sentences.  Don't worry about feeling discouraged.  Just pick up and write - you will feel better once you do.

For more about writer's block, look up my post about it on this site.

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