A Day Off

We've had a coupla days with no shows this tour so far, but they've been mostly spent them in the car or recovering from being in the car or dealing with the car breaking down.  Ha!  So yesterday was the first full day that we had off to just hang out. First I worked out.  It felt really good:

 And we did a bunch of wandering around the Nob Hill District of Albuquerque, NM.  It is a super funky area - tie dye shops, bunches of used clothing stores, record store and loads of cool restaurants.  I walked down and saw this sign: This was on the main drag of Nob Hill.  Very cool.  Then

after we walked around, we each found some place to eat.  I went to Zappateca's and had an AWESOME margarita  -- they make them to order based on your choices of tequila and triple sec (or replacements).  So, the waitress suggested Casadore's Reposado and Patron Citron - it had fresh lime juice and agave nectar

It was sooooo delicious.  I had three of them.  YUM.  I sat at the restaurant and ate my quesadillas (which look nothing like any quesadillas I have ever seen, but they were still so tasty. 

And after the lunch, I sat and wrote out my blog for the day before.  I don't know what it is about being on the road, but it just compels me to memorialize it in a journal type way.  I lost the blog from the first tour - which I'm really sorry about.  This one is on a site that knock-knock-knock will be with me for a long time to come.  It probably goes back to my Dad handing me a diary when I was six and telling me to record everything that happens in my day each day.  I asked, "Do I have to?" and he said "Yes" and so I did.  My entries from that time were super boring - reportage - "I woke up. Ate breakfast. Went to School. Nothing happened. Came home...." you get the drift.  Then one day I was riding my bicycle and as I was steering it across the short tunnel that connected our courtyard to the garages, a car came barreling at me.  I was so embarrassed that I didn't think to look. I asked me Dad if I had to include those feelings in my entry for the day. He said yes. So I did. And at that point, my entries got a little less boring.  Though there was still a lot of reportage.

Kristen and I are getting on surprisingly well for the fact that we've never been with each other for such an extended time and that she is a very independent person and I like my own space too.  Sharing the car and the rooms and the time -- 24/7 time -- has been challenging and last night was had a check-in talk about some things that I needed clarification on and things she needed clarification on.  We're both emphatic and opinionated, but also accepting, but in different ways, so we sometimes trip each other up.  But after having a very compassionate and responsible talk last night, I think we're going to feel better.  It's also been so hard because she'a had so little sleep bc of my snoring.  I'm getting some sleep gear that will hopefully help.

Here's what it looked like from inside Zappateca's - tequila + tacos.  Very tasty and welcoming.

 In one of the stores, I was asked where I was coming through from (guess I don't look like a native) and I said New Jersey and the salesman said, "Oh, my mom just moved to New Brunswick!"  Holy mackerel. Talk about small world.

Well, today we leave Albuquerque and head to Silver City where the weather is a "Wintery Mix" and then in the 70s by 3pm.  Bi-polar weather.

Hope you're having fun doing what you're doing.

We're out here doing what we do. Next show is tomorrow. Then Phoenix, then home for a day for my kid's show. Then back out here for another show.

Peace to all of you,



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