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I would think that it's enough of a chore to write the show, but no, there is a huge number of applications that have to be completed in order to get the work out there.  And the deadlines for these applications (for Festivals and for grants) have due dates the PRECEDE the completion of my script.  I thought about waiting until the script is finished (whatever THAT means!) and THEN starting the application process, but that leaves me in a kind of limbo with the writing.  I'm definitely a writer who writes better with a deadline.  Self-imposed, convoluted, what-have-you.  I prefer to HAVE to get it done.  I have written pieces not under deadline, but they usually don't turn out as strong. I think the pressure-cooker of HAVING to get it done makes my brain work better.  It certainly turns my bullshit-meter on and I edit/revise with alacrity.  Funny, that didn't happen with my last show FEAR JUNKIE 2012, but that was because I was trying out a new theatrical motif and I wanted it in the show as an experiment.  Well, the experiment didn't work and OUT it went, much to the benefit of the show and the audience.  So, anyhow, yes, this is what I'm doing now: focusing on applications for a show that isn't finished --- and if any of these applications are successful, they will provide me with a deadline for the show.  Again, convoluted way to work, but it seems to work for me.  I've written seven - or nine? - solo shows this way and it usually works out favorably.  Occasionally, the deadline comes too close to the process and in those times, things get very uncomfortable.  But, usually, like I said, it works out ok.

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