Pandora Scooter is excused from protesting today,

Her dog ate her self righteous indignation.


Pandora Scooter cannot demonstrate today,

She caught a bad case of nuance yesterday and has been up all night throwing up her strident black and white thoughts.


Pandora Scooter won’t be at the rally today,

Parking is a bitch and public transportation in that area sucks.


Pandora Scooter won’t march today,

Her feet are on strike and don’t like being used for an agenda two sizes too small.


Pandora Scooter isn’t going to the demonstration today

Because I’m no professional protester

Protesting just to protest wherever protesters are heard

I’m not a dog, I don’t come when I hear the word

I choose my issues and my causes carefully

My protestations when heard are weighty

And I just can’t get around the sound of hearing people march to Down with Such and So While out the other side of their face, Revealing it’s all about their ego.

Get it straight

I can’t relate

Don’t bait me

With your great verbal spate

Vapid meaningless words floating lighter than air up into the sky

Don’t reach my mind

But I spy a devolution of a kind hidden within your supposed revolution

Your dissemblance’s reflection in my eye

Stings and brings no joy to me

Honesty would be a relief

The candid truth would blow the roof offa my noggin

That is what I am waitin for

More earth under this floor

More substance of which to adore

More meaning unto come ashore

I am waiting for someone to get to the heart of this matter

Explain to me how blood was splattered and why a life was lost

Explain to me how he got off and at what cost

To us all

In plain terms

Not around the subject, but through it

Don’t dawdle and talk about it, just do it

Tell me the truth, it should be a cinch

And until you do, I won’t move to march an inch.

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