Straights have rights, too!

Recently on Facebook, I was reading a couple of threads about the North Carolina law allowing business owners to deny service based on sexual orientation plus denying trans people from using the bathroom aligned with their gender identity.  On this thread there was a rather vociferous poster with the handle "Latinas for Donald Trump" who wrote "Straight people have rights, too!"

Straight people have rights, too.

Hm. Well, yes they do.  In fact, they have all the rights.  All the rights that were proffered upon Americans were meant for straight people.  Really, straight white people, originally and now straight people.

To defend North Carolina's religious freedom law by saying "Straight people have rights, too" is like saying they didn't already have the right to deny service to whomever they chose.  How many stores and restaurants have you been in where you have seen the sign "we reserve the right to deny service to anyone" ?  These signs have been around since I was a kid and before, I'm sure.  And don't those signs make it clear that those shop owners already have the right to turn down anyone for service?  So, why pass a particular law to validate this discretion that shop owners already had?

Because these are bigots and they want their bigotry supported explicitly by the law.  And they want to know, in no uncertain terms, that their straightness is defended by the laws of their state.  Have they really been so insecure?

It seems to me that straight bigots are a rather insecure bunch.  Racial bigots didn't need laws to support their bigotry, they just denied service to black people left and right, willy nilly.  Could it be that straight bigots have been effected by a kind of social conditioning that makes them nervous to be the bigots they are?  Do they really need validation from their state government to help them stand up for their God-given right to deny service to gay folk?  Really?  What a bunch of wussy wusses. 

And to say that it is a straight person's right to only use a bathroom with people whose genitalia are the same as theirs is outrageously ridiculous.  First of all, all anyone pays attention to is presentation when it comes to gender identity, not genitalia.  So, you're going to tell me that a straight woman person has the right to share a bathroom only with other straight women (who might be dressed in leather pants, packing, binding, sheared hair and a nose ring, who happens to be straight)?   Right, that straight bigot woman is going to be so comfortable sharing that bathroom with that other straight woman.  For once, I wish people in straight land would get clear on the difference between gender and sexual identity.  Oy vey.

Latinas for Donald Trump may not be representative of the entire straight bigot subsection of our society, but they certainly made their point.  They're feeling overlooked, overpowered and under-protected.  Let's just keep the sanctions on No LGBT Carolina coming and see how long this law stays alive.

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